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Thread: So, how do you actually increase Agility?

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    Default So, how do you actually increase Agility?

    I've heard several theories on how to increase Agility; however, it still seems rather random to me.
    I heard you're supposed to fail at running and then end the battle, and this sounds credible as it fits with the level techniques in this game (which basically are = "fail/mess up in order to improve").
    I've also got a personal theory that Agility will improve if you wear Agility-increasing equipment for a while, e.g. the Goldpin and the Thief Glove.
    I'm not sure, though; do you know anything?

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    I'm not sure.

    It may have something to do with the kind of weapon you have equipped.

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    I heard it goes up as you dodge. which makes the most sense to me because I equiped maria with light equipment and her agility went up fast.

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    The people "in the know" around here say that you just need to be targeted with physical attacks.

    My sense playing the game was that it actually depended on those attacks missing (which is why at the end I was getting an Agility boost every third battle or so even though they rarely lasted longer than two rounds), meaning you need to dodge them...which you can improve on by raising your evade skill with your equipment. Give everybody a shield and light or no armor (IIRC I didn't use armor until my agility was basically maxed out--you can get away with that if you are obsessive about raising your HP early on--Minwu has a great spell that clobbers your HP without killing you IIRC) or armor that raises evasion (like the thief gloves). And basically just go around like that until your Agility gets really high.

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    theres just one problem. I swear I've gained agility with out the enemys actually getting an attack off before I killed them. I'm pretty sure I didn't try to run either if that makes a diffrence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzZerd View Post
    I'm pretty sure I didn't try to run either if that makes a diffrence.
    Yeah, I never ran. Well, I tried it many times to raise agility, but it never worked. I think the "run to raise your agility" thing is a lie.

    As for not even being attacked and having your agility raised. You might be right. I can't remember perfectly. I do know for certain that the rate at which Agility increases came to me rose with the actually Agility/Evade score, suggesting that Agility begets ever more Agility. The fact that I was able to max out Agility for my three main characters rather easily before the end of the game when some players apparently have a lot of trouble with the Agility/Evasion stat suggests there's more to it than simply being targeted by attacks...I highly doubt I fought that many more battles than anyone else. This suggests that something I did with my characters was contributing to my Agility going up.

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    It has seemed to me at some point that equipping shields helps to raise agility, but I'm not sure xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubah View Post
    It has seemed to me at some point that equipping shields helps to raise agility, but I'm not sure xD
    Well having a weapon and a shield does increase your agility more than having two weapons.

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