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Thread: Which Game Has The Best Story?

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    Suikoden II.
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    .hack, chrono trigger or FFX.
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    Skies of Arcadia does well. You need to give it credit for having almost every cliché in the book, but managing to pull off a great plot.

    Also, KOTOR has an excellent storyline. Sure, it may seem like a generic Star Wars movie at first glance. However, (SPOILER)there's so much you can uncover about the pasts of your allies, Jolee Bindo and HK-47 are both hilarious, and there's a shocking and original twist around three-quarters of the way through the game which you'll never see coming.

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    • FFVII
    • FFX
    • Grandia II
    • Metal Gear Solid series
    • Resident Evil series
    • Prince of Persia series
    • Devil May Cry series
    • Onimusha series
    I would say Dynasty Warriors series, but those games are based on true historic events.
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    Suikoden II and Lunar SSSC.

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    Xenosaga Series does it for me.

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    Final Fantasy 7 hands down. And MGS too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Rabbits View Post
    Anyways, Syberia still holds the title for best storyline in my eyes. It managed to be personal yet epic in scope, and had many emotional twists and advancements. The sub-plot that was unraveled over Kate's cellphone was very dramatic too, and is almost on par with the game's main story (and could've been better than it too, but it was all done over cellphones, so it wasn't quite as awe-inspiring).

    (SPOILER)When Kate finally abandons her job, home, and fiance to go after Syberia, it's all very dramatic and emotional I love it.
    Syberia was good, but it ended in a pseudo-cliffhanger that was resolved very poorly by Syberia 2.

    I mean, Arctic Penguins?

    As far as the best goes, Planescape: Torment

    Honorable Mention:

    -Baldur's Gate (The sequel had the better gameplay and villain, but the first one had the better story)

    -KOTOR 2 (It didn't play as entertaining as KOTOR 1, and it's ending seriously detracts from the experience as a whole, but purely as storytelling this is 4/5ths of a great game. A war-torn galaxy, opportunistic cartels and bounty hunters, a planet trying to rebuild, a former bounty-hunter trying to restore his race to greatness, the Battle of Iziz, a former Jedi trying to re-find his connection to the Force to save the remnants of his dying order being trained by the master of the one who brought the Republic low...)


    -Deus Ex (if the game consisted only of its first half it might be tops, but the story degenerated into a lab and army base shooter for the second half, except for the grand finale).

    -The Longest Journey (another game with a great first half. I don't even mind the surprise letdown at the end, but I thought the second half with the mermen and winged people was too "raw adventure game" relative to an otherwise extremely complex, detailed, colorful story.

    -Quest fror Glory 2: Trial By Fire (sure it ripped off most of its plot from Arabian Nights, and by today's standards it's far too short and "empty"--it could probably be completed in two hours--but those are a magnificent two hours...the gempiece of one of the great series in early gaming)

    -FFVI (this perhaps doesn't have the depth of detail that more modern games can afford to dive into, but the framework for its story is one of the best around)

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    Deus Ex. It could easily become a movie with just the script in the game.

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    Grandia 2 wish i could find it cuz jesus i loved that game even though it was really linear it was great

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    Quote Originally Posted by outlaw starwind View Post
    Grandia 2 wish i could find it cuz jesus i loved that game even though it was really linear it was great
    Have you played the first one? It's a much better game IMO.

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    defnetley metalgear series.....emmm...kingdom hearts series(LoVe)....FF:tactics advance.....emmmmmmm.........o yea...onimusha series....ace combat series.....emmmmmm.......well xenosaga was CD sumtin kept jamming...bah.....errrr.....o yea!!C&C:tiberian sun(kicks most of de orher PC games as*-HEAVY PWNGE)
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    Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Trigger

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    FFVI - Though I agree with Ender that it might not have as much detail as newer games, the fact that it has aged well is a testament to it's strong characters and good storyline.

    Xenogears - It really should have been a novel or at least an animated series.

    I can't say the same for Saga cause the internal politics really destroyed continuity. XSII went in a completely different direction under the new team and XSIII (though it was really good) spent most of it's time trying to fix the issues created by the change in the developement team.

    Metal Gear series - Though, I must give special attention to MGS and MGS3 for both being incredibly well written and having a powerful human element in the game. Big Boss and Solid Snake will hopefully be remembered for being well written and well developed "human" characters and not just for cardboard boxes, snapping necks, and eating wildlife...

    Ico - Solid proof you can write a compelling story and memorable characters, and no one has to actually say a word (or at least something you can understand).

    Vagrant Story - MGS, SE style. Ashley is a compelling character, the narrative was strong, double crosses, mystery, political intrigue, and Sydney is one of the greatest villians ever written.

    Final Fantasy Tactics - Even a shoddy translation could not hinder the compelling story and amazing cast this game had. Grand politics, church conspiracies, demons, betrayal, patricide, civil war, and bittersweet ending...

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    I thought FFVIII had the best story out of the Final Fantasy series, followed closely by FFX and FFVII. I enjoyed the storyline to Kingdom Hearts and Tomb Raiders storyline was quite good I thought. Other than that, they is no other RPG's or storyline heavy games I play.

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