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  1. The First Great and Accurate Translation
  2. Man, I just wanted to punch her in her fat blue nose...
  3. Auto-Haste equipped
  4. Did you collect all the Tetra Master Cards?
  5. The SMURF'S a Tetra Master?
  6. COFFEE!!!
  7. What was your favorite form for Cid Fabool IX?
  8. Who is your favourite FFIX lady?
  9. Favourite of the four nations in FFIX?
  10. Didn't know what to think of this game (spoilers)
  11. Queen Brahne's Husband
  12. Tough decisions
  13. Did we ever get the story on Blank's stitched up skin?
  14. Favourite FF IX song
  15. Does Zidane Hate Quina?
  16. Tetra Masters Online
  17. Zaghnol in the Festival of the Hunt
  18. FFIX Riddles Again
  19. The Qu's
  20. Final Fantasy IX for Windows/Steam and PS4
  21. Who's your favorite major character from FF IX?
  22. I hate this bloody site.
  23. Do you want Final Fantasy IX on Steam?
  24. Did you Collect all the Tetra Master Cards?
  25. Did you get ARK?
  26. So does SE just respect this game more than the other FFs or what?
  27. Should Garnet Have Left?
  28. Never Forget Them: Garnet and Eiko
  29. Need to know something? PLAY ONLNE SUCKER!!
  30. 5 Things FFIX Can Teach Us About Racism
  31. Favorite member of Tantalus
  32. Garnet's Hair: Long or Short?
  33. Wait Hold on. There are tonberries in FFIX?
  34. Happy birthday, FFIX!
  35. Did you know...
  36. Conde Petie Dwarves
  37. The "You're Not Alone" Scene
  38. Final Fantasy IX UNleashed
  39. Final Fantasy IX Silver Dragon Battle
  40. The Flaming Amarant Appreciation Thread
  41. The Game Square Should Have Remade...
  42. Worlds Apart - An OCRemix Album Compolation
  43. Did Anyone Ever Use These Abilities?
  44. Can you play FFIX without the Internet?
  45. Assign Colors to the Cast - Final Fantasy IX Edition
  46. Fossil Roo. Awesome or not?
  47. Steal: Couldn't steal.
  48. The friendly yeti ;_;
  49. Stay away feom tetra master if you value your happiness
  50. FFIX weakest story element
  51. Horror personified: Meltegemini
  52. Memoria. castle of memories.
  53. Gossipy Moogles of Mognet
  54. The Zero world
  55. Arrogant Amarant.
  56. Final Fantasy IX. Cool things about this game.
  57. Best town/city in FF9
  58. FFIX Coming to PC and Smartphones!
  59. Top 8 Reasons Quina is Awesome
  60. FFIX - If you could remove one character...
  61. Poor neglected Steiner (spoilers)
  62. Garnet vs. Dagger
  63. Final Fantasy IX on Steam
  64. All about Freya
  65. Quina Vs. Licky
  66. Happy Birthday Garnet!
  67. Do you buy Garnet/Dagger's Love for Zidane?
  68. Minimize one role and expand another
  69. Modes updated for FFIX on Steam
  70. Smartphone Gameplay Footage of Final Fantasy IX
  71. Who was your favorite main character?
  72. Never Forget Them: Vivi and Steiner
  73. FFIX is Live on Smartphones!
  74. Final Fantasy IX Achievements
  75. Final Battle Line Up/Strategy
  76. Friendly Advice
  77. This Game Is Like FFXIII
  78. General Beatrix
  79. Final Fantasy IX is now on Steam!
  80. Friendly Monsters
  81. The Characters of this Game (SPOILERS)
  82. Did you know...
  83. Steam Changes
  84. The Iifa Tree (SPOILERS)
  85. Ragtimes!
  86. Ozma
  87. Favourite Sidequests
  88. The Auctioneer (SPOILERS)
  89. Your Top Five Add on Abilites
  90. Your Least Favourite Add on Abilites (aka bottom 5)
  91. Ive finished it again :-) (SPOILERS)
  92. She Hasn't Changed THAT Much
  93. Steal Everything
  94. The Sword of Doubt/The Wavering Blade
  95. So Regent Cid is a frog...
  96. how do you pronounce: Zidane
  98. Moogles: IX Edition
  99. Do you use the blue or gray text background?
  100. Tetra Master
  101. Level 1 Ozma Challenge Guide
  102. FFIX Ending Question !
  103. Another 'did I cheat' thread...
  104. Chocobo Stuff
  105. Who is your main party in FFIX?
  106. If you could live anywhere in IX...
  107. do you think
  108. I just can't
  109. Do you think Square-Enix will ever do another game like this?
  110. What Should the Hot & Cold Rewards Be?
  111. Would a sequel ever work for this game?
  112. Final Fantasy IX, FF: Evil Mist Rebirth
  113. What is something you like/love about this game that other people hate? (IX Edition)
  114. A Message from Sakaguchi
  115. Favorite thing about the PC version
  116. Final Fantasy IX now available on PlayStation 4
  117. Final Fantasy IX Impressions
  118. Final Fantasy IX, Facing Fate: Evil Mist Rebirth - Debut [Extreme X]
  119. FFIX Sounds Fix
  120. So much stuff to find in this game
  121. Too Slow ?
  122. FF9 is the best Final fantasy
  123. "Something to Protect" from FFIX - VGMusic Explorers ft. Joe Bin
  124. Final Fantasy IX Battle UI Fix General Thread