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  1. Issues with PSN Version
  2. EoFF's Final Fantasy IX Fan Duuuub~
  3. So basically, would Zidane originally have been able to... *SPOILERS*
  4. Why were Amarant and Freya fighting?
  5. Take THAT, You Snooty Nobles!
  6. It's my Birthday! Kupo! (10 year anniversary of FFIX)
  7. The First Mognet Favorite Moogle Contest!
  8. How Long Can You Read Before Finding Something Wrong?
  9. What's in a name?
  10. Did Zidane remember Amarant?
  11. Horn or Tail? None? Or Both!?
  12. steiner's socks
  13. Quina's a boy.
  14. Chocobo color!
  15. Final Fantasy IX was the Final Fantasy IX of the FF Series!
  16. FFIX on PSN
  17. Stills? Secret FMV? Something I've missed?
  18. anyone else think Vivi is wayyyy overrated?
  19. Crystals
  20. enter chocobo lagoon
  21. gold chocobo
  22. It's responding to an item you have
  23. Just bought the game!!!!
  24. The Races of FFIX
  25. A Journey to Paradise
  26. 10.006 Points in CHocobo Hot & Gold! Now where's my life...
  27. Chocobo Pride!
  28. Chocograph pieces
  29. Hironobu Sakaguchi unveils early Final Fantasy IX ideas
  30. Let's Quiz it up!
  31. My li'l Vivs
  32. elbokoloco
  33. Exploring the History of Gaia
  34. EU PSN Game Save [Pretty Please?]
  35. Whose your party?
  36. Useless characters
  37. FF IX is... Star Wars?
  38. The Stroper
  39. Tantarian battle quide
  41. Favorite City
  42. Final Fantasy VII remake.
  43. Queen Brahne
  44. Old Enemies
  45. Grinding early
  46. Release Date
  47. Question about tetra master
  48. This Game Blows Too!
  49. Ludicrous difficulty spike
  50. Ending Extra Scene
  51. Final Fantasy IX installer
  52. Treno card game tornoment in disc 3 help
  53. FFIX was the last great Final Fantasy
  54. do you think we will ever get any new material to play with for ff9?
  55. Need help
  56. PSN gameshare? FFIX for FFVII Anyone?
  57. Missables?
  58. Really... the ending changed seven times in devlopment?
  59. Who actually named her Dagger?
  60. Card game question
  61. References to previous Final Fantasy games and other media
  62. Final Fantasy IX soundtrack vs Chrono Cross???
  63. Final Fantasy IX can be described in 1 word........
  64. FFIX: Playing, Appreciating, Grumbling, Waxing (On & Off)
  65. Whenever I am away from FFIX for too long, I suffer crippling heartache.
  66. Melodies of Life: Did anyone know this existed?
  67. Vivi jumping rope: a less dead song
  68. Airship / chocobo glitch?
  69. Whats under those helmets/hoods?
  70. Favorite NPC
  71. Your favourite part.
  72. CONGRATS! You won The Festival of the Hunt!
  73. Where's the rest of your shirt!?
  74. 653478567th time lucky!!!
  75. Article: Grandma Potpourri - Best Final Fantasy Character Ever?
  76. Quina Is More Than Comic Relief
  77. Oooh Soft.
  78. Rank the FF9 Characters!
  79. This is the real reason that FFIX rocks!
  80. IMDb
  81. Quina Ate Zidane
  82. I wanna play Tetra Master! D:
  83. Most fabulous outfits!
  84. Yeah, that Ozma
  85. The evolution of Gaia.
  86. What do you feel is the "best team" of FFIX?
  87. More FF9 Riddles
  88. If IX had voice actors...
  89. Kicking it old school
  90. The ending
  91. Genomes
  92. Guess Who!
  93. eating frogs
  94. FFIX Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  95. Quina is...
  96. The Quina Quaffle
  97. Your top FF9 tracks?
  98. What the fuck is Brahne?
  99. OST
  100. Amarant or Quina?
  101. Playing this game now
  102. Is The Writing of This Game Good or What?
  103. Friendly Yam...
  104. Quina Nudes
  105. FFIX Fandub Round 2
  106. Criticize This Game
  107. If this game had've been on the PS2
  108. Active Time Events
  109. You're in fight with someone up to no good in the hood. Which Eidolon...
  110. What was some of your favorite FF allusions and references?
  111. Excalibur II
  112. princess garnet lost her voice!
  113. Name of this song please? ;---;
  114. Do you like Vivi?
  115. The Best Thing About IX
  116. Over world encounters
  117. ff9
  118. Satisfying end?
  119. Finally Playing FFIX
  120. slacking on mognet
  121. Final Fantasy IX Objectively Has The Best Moogles
  122. Renaissance Steampunk With Furries?
  123. Holy trout: Someone Dug Up a Ton of High Resolution Art From FFIX's Production
  124. Well, let's see if this get's me any hate...
  125. Kuja is the best Final Fantasy Villain ever, ever.
  126. Favorite NPC
  127. Favorite Active Time Event?
  128. Mognet
  129. Eiko!
  130. Zidane To Vivi !
  131. New FFIX sidequest discovered after 13 years
  132. Rate the characters
  133. Top 5 Final Fantasy IX moments
  134. Steiner's Theme
  135. Chocobo Hot & Cold
  136. Hero/Human
  137. Quina's voice
  138. I just noticed this !
  139. Did you like Steiner?
  140. Who came up with Tetra Master?
  141. The best character in this game
  142. Story Question (Small Spoilers)
  143. Ozma
  144. Perhaps best FF of them all?
  145. First time player!
  146. My FFIX Challenges journal
  147. Mysterious Magical Fingertips and the Case of "Not Being Able to Resell Artifacts"
  148. The Search for Garnet
  149. Favorite Disc
  150. Tantalus appreciation. Who's your favorite? Plus cool Amano artwork!
  151. HD remake
  152. That sword fight, though.
  153. How The Characters of Final Fantasy IX Inspire Me (Part1)
  154. How The Characters of Final Fantasy IX Inspired me (Part 2)
  155. Article: How The Characters of Final Fantasy IX Inspired me (Part 2)
  156. Black Mage Village Theme - Acapella Version
  157. Favorite Chocobo color
  158. I want to thank this game...
  159. So who else thought Freya got shortchanged?
  160. Most Powerful Moment
  161. Garnet or Dagger?
  162. Amarant: Great party member or token filler
  163. Favorite Trance
  164. Playing 9 all over again, need info and links please ;D
  165. Does FFIX have the best love story?
  166. Public Announcment
  167. Mini-Games!!!
  168. The Strategy Guide
  169. Favorite Eidolon
  170. Favorite Location
  171. If you could change one thing about this game
  172. Boss is Boss
  173. Mognet
  174. How did you approach abilities?
  175. wtf is vivi though
  176. Hipster?
  177. Is Vivi the best and cutest Black Mage ever?
  178. "And that's when I kidnap Queen Brahne, right?"
  179. Apparently
  180. Alexandrian Soldiers
  181. What do you think would have happened...
  182. What should I name Freya?
  184. Kuja is sexy
  185. EoFF FFIX Cast
  186. Friendly Monsters
  187. Freya's story is the saddest...
  188. Is your birthstone an Eidolon stone?
  189. Which destruction scene is the saddest?
  190. Were you disappointed with eidolons?
  191. Catching Frogs
  192. Quina and Vivi
  193. "Feuch!"
  194. Carbuncle
  195. Melodies of Life - English vs. Japanese
  196. Favorite Disc?
  197. ToriJ Plays Final Fantasy IX
  198. Final Fantasy IX - ATB Speed-Up
  199. Favorite member of Tantalus
  200. FFIX OST
  201. Choco
  202. Long or short?
  203. 20 Questions.
  204. The Other Long or Short?
  205. Beatrix Beatrix
  206. How do you picture Cid?
  207. Excalibur II
  208. Garnet vs. Eiko
  209. Zidane, Best Thief in the Series
  210. Look at the big nose you have!
  211. Get in my belly!
  212. Highest quality pure FF game?
  213. Top 5 Funniest Moments of Final Fantasy IX
  214. stupid jump rope
  215. What do you think is the main message of this game?
  216. Mognet
  217. Do you consider Garland Evil?
  218. How many of you finished the Mognet Quest?
  219. Quina
  220. Zidane in real life
  221. Blue Narciss
  222. tinkle tinkle
  223. Sequel or a prequel?
  224. Did you bother with the games minor min/max element?
  225. Active Time Events
  226. LEAST favorite character in FFIX
  227. Why do you think this game is such an underdog?
  228. Which character would you have liked to see more of?
  229. Beatrix Apprecation Thread
  230. What do you think of Kuja as a villain?
  231. Which temporary character in FFIX do you wish you could keep all the time?
  232. FFIX characters you'd like to see in the next Dissidia?
  233. Queen Brahne's motive
  234. Did you max out the Game Breakers?
  235. Favorite FF Reference
  236. "Stop!" Question Time!
  237. Official tracks to Final Fantasy IX from me
  238. Question for the Excalibur II veterans
  239. Battling Quale
  240. Let's get ripped!
  241. Why Eiko Will Always Be a Better Person Than Me
  242. Best Soundtrack of the PS1 Generation?
  243. Zidane and Steiner = Lupin III and Zenigata?
  244. Final Fantasy Fan Art Character Spotlight: Garnet
  245. Better Summoner: Eiko or Garnet?
  246. So... how did Vivi get so many kids?
  247. Do rat people hate footware?
  248. Nice Job Breaking it Heroes - FFIX Edition
  249. How do you...Chocobo Hot n' Cold?
  250. Final Fantasy IX Review