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  1. Final Fantasy XIV Online
  2. What kind of sword would you like to see in XIV?
  3. Jobs
  4. Official FFXIV News Thread
  5. Races
  6. Music
  7. Witty Forum Description
  8. Improvements from FFXI?
  9. Are we gonna have to pay to play this time??
  10. Should there be personal means of travel?
  11. Final Fantasy XIV at Gamescom
  12. Crystal Formations
  13. A new Final Fantasy XIV Fansite
  14. Translator Needed!!
  15. Magitek Armor... kinda, maybe?
  16. From Famitsu 09032009
  17. >> Do you really care about this game?.
  18. TGS video speculation: Did I just see a card game or card divination? And CATGIRLS!
  19. FFXIV Beta - PC Only?
  20. Fat Chocoobos - Introduction & Guidelines
  21. Pre Paid Cards
  22. FF XIV Key
  23. Online and Offline
  24. Beta signups!
  25. Just some sneak peaks at character customisation!
  26. New Details on FFXIV Storyline Revealed!
  27. Microtransactions :(
  28. Multiplatform servers!
  29. Rapture - FFXIV Linkshell recruiting
  30. FFXIV confirmed for Xbox 360!
  31. Alpha/Beta Invites
  32. FFXIV New Weapons for 9 Classes Preview
  33. Wish you were here!
  34. Pessimistic
  35. The Tambourine Man
  36. FFXIV Renamed FFXV
  37. Out of the known races, which do you think you'll most likely choose?
  38. So, FFXIV's soundtrack has been leaked.
  39. Famitsu's Hands-On with the Alpha Test!
  40. Leaked FFXIV Cutscene!
  41. Leaked Gameplay (Live stream recorded by Alpha player)
  42. How do you think technology will play a role in FFXIV's story?
  43. Why is it so scary!?
  44. Are you planning on playing?
  45. First & Last names
  46. Comparing Alpha to Beta
  47. Continent Map
  48. New Beta Info!
  49. You must post in this thread if you're in the second alpha/beta test.
  50. What new classes would you like to see in FFXIV?
  51. Final Fantasy XIV - E3 2010
  52. The Benchmark Thread
  53. FFXIV release date, collector's edition, bonus items. Oh my!
  54. New to Final Fantasy MMORPGs
  55. Min. specs for Final Fantasy XIV?
  56. UK pricing for Collector's Edition
  57. Want a bonus item? Want to get involved in the PS3 beta? Didn't buy FFXIII?
  58. How we are all going to get on the same server
  59. Will you be getting the Collector's Edition and start six days early?
  60. The EoFF Linkshell/Group/Clan/Thing
  61. Final Fantasy XIV FAQ: Pre-Purchase
  62. What kind of player do you hope to be?
  63. Race stat differences
  64. Linkshell Poll
  65. What day will the game become playable?
  66. How will crafting jobs start the game?
  67. Disciplines of War: Discussion thread
  68. Summons? :O
  69. "Rite of Passage"
  70. Famitsu Beta Report
  71. FFXIV Frontsite Thread
  72. The 18 Classes at launch.
  73. New FFXIV Benchmark calculator at GPUBench.com
  74. Starting Cities
  75. PC > PS3 Transfer
  76. Open Beta?
  77. Discounted service for FFXI & FFXIV players and in-game item
  78. Is this for real?
  79. Which server should we all go for? [Conclusion: Lindblum!]
  80. Halp D:
  81. Amusing names
  82. Name/Race/Class/Server Information (Open Beta)
  83. Linkshell name: Okay, final vote!
  84. Screenshots!
  85. Updates from the "Prerelease Party" in Japan... good ones!
  86. New Trailer!!!
  87. I did not play the Beta
  88. A beta player's run-down on the starting cities.
  89. What time?
  90. Character Information!
  91. [Question] How the hell do you uninstall FFXIV?
  92. Useful Links!
  93. Where is everybody?
  94. The Fat Chocobos Linkshell Thread
  95. Curious
  96. Looping countdown clocks for FFXIV
  97. The Fatigue System, or Why FFXIV Does NOT Suck
  98. So, if I start out as a crafting job, what happens? :0
  99. Goals & Achievements Thread
  100. save your money dont buy this game
  101. We can't play!
  102. Random Tips!
  103. 4.0 the new 8.8?
  104. Is FFXIV Really that Disappointing?
  105. A word from Square-Enix...
  106. Update to Lodestone - FFXIV achievements?
  107. PS3 version has been 100% ported!
  108. Tanaka's out, and more free play time!
  109. Squeenix Email
  110. Final Fantasy XIV FAQ: Playing the Game
  111. A New Year and FINAL FANTASY XIV Player's Poll the First
  112. Wait, am I still technically under the free trial?
  113. PS3 edition news!
  114. How many of you guys still play?
  115. A really long letter from the new producter/director of FFXIV.
  116. New Development Team Rolls Out Patch 1.15a
  117. Developer's Note III and Player's Poll II
  118. Patch 1.16 due in early March, details listed. Also, Yoshi-P Letter #4
  119. New Char Question
  120. Patch 1.16 - My thoughts
  121. Typical day
  122. Official FFXIV Forums go live today
  123. Have you played? Will you play?
  124. Quests
  125. Pink Gear
  126. A few updates from the FFXIV forums
  127. Patch 1.17: Grand Companies, 20 new Notorious Monsters, etc.
  128. Non-EoFF people you've met in the game that are nice.
  129. SE to support UI mods for FFXIV
  130. This game is not finished - Truth?
  131. Battle Reform Blueprint from Akihiko Matsui
  132. Letter from the Producer #10 - What to expect in Summer 2011
  133. Unreleased areas... hacked into? Or something.
  134. Raids! All... two of them...
  135. Patch 1.18 - More Details - Death & Revival, Repair System changes, Grand Companies
  136. 1.19 - The "Monster Patch"
  137. Would XIV fare better as an offline RPG?
  138. Ifrit (and letter from Producer XIX)
  139. LIVE! Letter from the Producer (09/28/2011)
  140. Final Fantasy XIV "Damaged" Final Fantasy
  141. Exp'ing
  142. Final Fantasy XIV - Version 2.0!
  143. Language-specific servers to be implemented
  144. Patch 1.20: Market Search, Player Search
  145. Jobs - Unlocked by leveling multiple classes!
  146. Live Q&A, Part II
  147. Is FF XIV being played?
  148. Monthly Subscription Fees
  149. Letter from the Producer, XXII (12/21/2011)
  150. Is it worth it?
  151. Patch 1.21 - Due end of February / early March - Biggest patch to date
  152. Slow ass update.
  153. "Final Fantasy XIV has stopped working"
  154. Final Fantasy XIV Patch 1.22 and World Merge
  155. A return to Final Fantasy XIV - Impressions from my first two days (WARNING: Long!)
  156. Article: Welcome Back and Legacy Campaigns
  157. Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 - Screenshots and concept images released
  158. l FFXIV 2.0 graphics engine still have high quality graphics options
  159. Elpizo plays Final Fantasy XIV
  160. "A Realm Reborn" to hit PS3
  161. Do Jobs complement one another as in FFXI?
  162. The redemption
  163. Sometimes the fans do it better.
  164. Letter from the Producer XXXV: Going Alpha
  165. Final Fantasy XIV info from PAX: Limit Breaks and more!
  166. Final Fantasy XIV Player's Poll
  167. A Realm Reborn insights
  168. FFXIV Patch 1.23b Released
  169. SE prepares for launch of A Realm Reborn
  170. A Letter From the Producer III
  171. And so the regional servers strike.
  172. A Realm Reborn Economy and Archery Changes
  173. Tokyo Game Show Final Fantasy XIV Trailer
  174. First impressions
  175. Final Fantasy XIV: New Player Worlds and Subtitled Q&A
  176. Changes to Items and Money for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  177. Music Help
  178. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XXXVI
  179. Grand Company Quest Line (Yes, Spoilers)
  180. Article: Pretty PS3 Pictures for XIV: A Realm Reborn!
  181. New Info about PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  182. Where did this game fail?
  183. Well another installment
  184. Two MMO's in the main series....slight rant/concern
  185. Negative criticism
  186. Tales from Eorzea: NA Final Fantasy XIV Halloween Event
  187. Final Fantasy XIV Roundup: Japan Alpha Testers and Faction Tokens
  188. Final Fantasy XIVís New Character Creation Interface
  189. Letter from the Producer XXXVII: Alpha Begins and New Screenshots
  190. Bucket List for 1.0
  191. Alpha Character Creator
  192. Dalamud on collision course
  193. FFXIV Letter from the Producer XXXVIII
  194. Final Fantasy XIV Quick Patch for the Finale
  195. Leaked Alpha Screenshots
  196. First Look at Gridania in Final Fantasy XIVís Alpha
  197. Final Fantast XIV 1.x Finale!
  198. Article: It's the End of the World as we know it
  199. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Part IV
  200. 'Answers' song
  201. A Realm Reborn: What do you look forward to most?
  202. Final Fantasy XIV 1.x Servers Will Be Back Online November 21
  203. More Alpha Footage: A Tour of the Black Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  204. FFXIV Letter from the Producer XXXIX
  205. New Developerís Blog for A Realm Reborn
  206. Who's all going to play FFXIV A Realm Reborn when it gets released?
  207. Yoshi-P on FFXIV: What went wrong?
  208. The A Realm Reborn leaks thread
  209. New Final Fantasy XIV Alpha video with combat and quests
  210. Article: Final Fantasy XIV New Bahamut Concept Art
  211. Final Fantasy XIVís Original Launch Is Still Crippling Square-Enix
  212. Video Preview of Gathering and Crafting for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  213. Behemoth Gear for Chocobos in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  214. Say Goodbye to Final Fantasy XIV 1.xís Servers
  215. Article: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Alpha Gameplay Video with Levequests and Party Combat
  216. Snurble Awareness
  217. Article: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta to begin in February
  218. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XL
  219. Alpha Video Shows off Instanced Dungeons from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  220. Final Fantasy XIV Roundup: A New Year and Baby Behemoths
  221. Beta Test Application Site Open for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  222. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Opening Movie Released
  223. A Realm Reborn Opening Cinematic
  224. The Night Life of Final Fantasy XIV: New Beta Screenshots
  225. New Screens of Primal Shiva in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  226. Final Fantasy XIV Roundup: Benchmark Coming Soon!
  227. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLI
  228. So which race will you be starting as in ARR?
  229. New Music Leaked for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  230. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLII
  231. Equipment binding in FFXIV
  232. Article: Confirmed Additional Content Available for Early Beta Phases in Final Fantasy XIV
  233. Final Fantasy XIV Roundup: More Beta Adventures
  234. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Set for February 22
  235. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta to Start on February 25
  236. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLIII
  237. Beta Test Phases 1 and 2 Legacy Members Only?
  238. New Benchmark and Gameplay Videos for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  239. Official PC Benchmark Released for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  240. Article: Final Fantasy XIV: Letter from the Producer Live Part V (updated)
  241. New job (Scholar) confirmed via data mining?
  242. What classes/jobs would you like to see?
  243. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLIV
  244. New Beta Invite (can't access beta forums)
  246. Live Letter VI
  247. Letter from the Producer Live Part VI
  248. Will you be playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?
  249. Magitek mounts in Final Fantasy XIV!
  250. Plans for ARR