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  1. Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeon
  2. Final Fantasy and its peers
  3. Who did you give the Masemune to?
  4. So how did they get the crystals?
  5. Awesome hack of the original game!
  6. How long did it take you to beat it the first time?
  7. Finally got around to playing this game....
  8. How would you rank this game compared to it's successors?
  9. Rich kids or inner-city youth?
  10. Which platform did you play this game on?
  11. Matoya's Cave theme
  12. Trivia - Final Fantasy
  13. Hjälp mig att bestämma!
  14. max leve in ff 1
  15. Impossible to share this game
  16. Final Fantasy: First Impressions (spoilers)
  17. PSP sprites are adorable!
  18. If Square Enix remade this game in the future
  19. Who is your "main" character?
  20. So how is Unne pronounced, exactly?
  21. Here lies Link.
  22. post your current status
  23. Save state/equipment editor
  24. The GBA version of this is so much easier than I remember. (Boss Strategies)
  25. I want to thank this game...
  26. Most Difficult Dungeon
  27. If you could add one more job...
  28. So... have you used all the classes?
  29. Side Villains
  30. Has anyone tried...
  31. Which version did you beat?
  32. What did you name your party?
  33. The Ending: Or Timey Whimey Ball of Stuff...
  34. The Fiends
  35. A hero and his choices
  36. Favorite Version?
  37. Least Favorite Job Class
  38. Replace the job classes with other FF characters
  39. What's one thing you would add in a remake of this game?
  40. Give each job a passive ability
  41. FFI Crossword puzzle
  42. Fire Crystal or Enhanced Jobs?
  43. This game is hard, but not as hard as I used to believe...
  44. Have you beaten FFI?
  45. Worst team build
  46. The Time Loop
  47. Garland's Motivation
  48. Defeat Means Freindship
  49. FFI Reimagined
  50. Elves
  51. How many of you have beaten this game?
  52. Do you consider this game easy or hard?
  53. First Impressions
  54. Favorite Fiend
  55. Favorite Dungeon
  56. Remove a class/Add a class
  57. Did you use any walkthroughs for this game?
  58. What is the weirdest, most unconventional class combination you tried with this game?
  59. WarMech
  60. Races
  61. Is there a class you never use?
  62. Personality
  63. When was the last time you played this game?
  64. What is your favorite thing about this game?
  65. If you were going to speedrun this game what class combo would you use?
  66. Do you have a favorite class combo you tend to go back to in FFI?
  67. Did anyone else do a run with an 8-Bit Theater Team
  68. The original NES manual (aka "Explorer's Handbook")
  69. "Doubling up" in FFI
  70. "Here Lies Link"
  71. Favorite Section of the game?
  72. Which of the Four Fiends did you feel was the most challenging?
  73. EoFF FFI Party
  74. How many versions of this game do you own?
  75. Solo Run
  76. The Equipment system
  77. FF1 in 60 seconds
  78. Do you feel SE should give this game a rest?
  79. Fan Challenges
  80. Themes in this story - spoilers
  81. Is Warrior Of Light a sword saint?
  82. Has this game aged well?
  83. Is there any party combination you refuse to use?
  84. The Peninsula of Power
  85. What order did you defeat the Fiends?
  86. So what was your first time like?
  87. Is This your favorite NES entry?
  88. Have you tried the secret puzzle mini-game?
  89. FF1's Inspiration: pre-production and development
  90. IT'S OVER LEVEL 50!
  91. Solo-Class Challenges
  92. Do You Like the Original Final Fantasy?
  93. What will Garland do?
  94. Getting Final Fantasy I for Christmas
  95. Final Fantasy is 27 today!
  96. What is your favourite song in this Game
  97. Which classes did you choose for your party in the original Final Fantasy?
  98. Is that a gray hair?
  99. Mad Pony
  100. Garland is a wimp!
  101. GOLD!
  102. Final Fantasy Rap
  103. Final Fantasy Review
  104. Respect the FF1!!! (FF1 Lovers Thread, Forget the Haters)
  105. The World was Veiled in Darkness...
  106. Drop one class/add one class
  107. I like it soft
  108. What's your favorite job class/character in FF1?
  109. I kinda like this game
  110. Rank the Job Classes
  111. What do you name your 4 letters light warriors?
  112. Chocobo or Moogles in FF1??
  113. Favourite Villain
  114. Final Fantasy Origins- Chapter I: Birth of Chaos
  115. Why all the BM/BW hate?
  116. Just grabbed the PSP port to this classic
  117. Final Fantasy Origins- Chapter II: The Chosen One
  118. Worst FFI Starter Job?
  119. Happy (American) Anniversary, Final Fantasy!
  120. Do you like the bonus dungeons?
  121. Hall Of Giants?
  122. Final Dungeon - Warp out to keep the Masamune?
  123. "Final Fantasy I: The Legacy" a free tribute album !
  124. Saving doesn't work...
  125. I need help urgently!
  126. The face of the original black mage
  127. The reason you played the first game
  128. Just beat the original NES version
  129. create backstories for the main characters