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  1. Why the Characters you HATE are Awesome!
  2. Would the Black belt suck if he could counter attack
  3. Another Idea for the Improvement of BB Status
  4. Quick Question About FF NES
  5. 4 White Mages...
  6. A travesty of justice
  7. the perfect woman!!!!
  8. Worse one type party in the game? (4 of the same)
  9. WM Sprites
  10. Party vs Party.. how hard would a multiplayer sprite game be?
  11. About that XFER spell.
  12. New Game
  13. Around what level do you usually beat the game at
  14. Nuke vs. Nuclear
  15. Where to find T-rex?
  16. World Map in Origins?
  17. It Could Have Been A T-Rex!!!!!
  18. Why does this game only have one battle theme?
  19. >> FF1 popularity.
  20. White Mages Suck!
  21. What class would you be?
  22. White Mage Walkthrough
  23. FF I PSP screenshots(New ones!)
  24. Who reverted the FF1 site?
  25. New Dungeon for the PSP version
  26. Black Belt/Master Appreciation Thread
  27. What did you name you FF1 chars???
  28. Best Level 5 Magic to get for Red mage
  29. DoS Hard Mode?
  30. Just ran into Warmech
  31. Town Music with Mario Paint
  32. Where 2 go after 2nd boss???
  33. 4 BBs kickin it
  34. Nuke
  35. Single Character Challenge Topic!
  36. This game is NOT similar to Dragon Quest!
  37. Pronunciation of "Unne"
  38. Did anyone actually play this game on the NES?
  39. Final Fantasy Mobile Phone
  40. Final Boss Music
  41. What do I do?
  42. Need a challenge
  43. Pronounciation of "Bikke"
  44. 4 Black Mages challenge
  45. FF Anniversary letdown?
  46. Just got the PSP version on my lunch break
  47. DoS Challenge
  48. Chaos a hermaphrodite?
  49. White Mage Journal!
  50. psp version- where is the labrynith of time
  51. Stat Help
  52. A Friendly Wager
  53. relive the beginning - Retrospective
  54. Need help with Bestiary DOS
  55. The guide doesnt exist!!!!
  56. Ugh.... Names?
  57. Children of The Cornbread...
  58. I need help!
  59. Best Class?
  60. equipment
  61. FFI PSP game crashes in Whisperwind Cove
  62. The Elfheim Tombstone
  63. How far did you get the first time...
  64. Help, please?
  65. I've decided to buy a PSP and get this game!
  66. ok good game but.....
  67. any money tricks?
  68. What's with the weird character browser in the opening menus?
  69. have you killed Chaos in 1 hit?
  70. Favorite shortcut?
  71. My party setup
  72. 2 Topics
  73. Hellfire Chasm
  74. Which is your least favourite job class and why?
  75. Just a quick question
  76. Ehh I need help....
  77. This is where black belts save the world
  78. A critical mistake about black belts/masters
  79. A must-see for all FF1 lovers (I'm an FF1 lover)
  80. 867-5309/White Mage (Or Hang On, That's Fighter On The Other Line)
  81. Solo Redmage (OMG)
  82. armor help
  83. shinryu or omega
  84. I don't remember this guy from the NES version
  85. Why is my Thief hitting higher than my Warrior?
  86. FF1 Riddles
  87. quickest way to get x-potions (DoS)
  88. Watch my video walkthroughs on Final Fantasy I
  89. What level for Cloister of Ordeals?
  90. Eyes on Final Fantasy Plays Final Fantasy I
  91. Ed's FF1
  92. FFI Novices
  93. I'm much better at FF1 than Psy
  94. Spells for Red Mage
  95. Names...
  96. Face the fireplace and press O one hundred times.
  97. Equipment you can use in battle
  98. Which version are you on?
  99. PSA: Those on NES versions
  100. I'm a Creep
  101. Why Red Mages are awesome (like anyone else was going to make this thread)
  102. Level up bonuses
  103. I'm so puzzled!
  104. How are initial stats and stat growth determined?
  105. Ok... I'm f***ing pissed
  106. FFI!?!?!?!?!?!
  107. FFI Origins Bestiary problem
  108. origins menu music
  109. Play FFI on the Comp?
  110. A Suggestion For Those Uploading/Posting Videos
  111. Brute Strength
  112. The End of The Beginning
  113. What level and such to beat the game?
  114. Red Mage in DoS - something wrong?
  115. Brag on FFI
  116. The world is in chaos!
  117. Cool Music Feature in FFI PSP
  118. The parties where you blew it.
  119. Should I play FF I?
  120. Fabricate a Lie About Your FFI Elitiousness
  121. Shinryu and Omega (DoS/PSP)
  122. No river access for you!
  123. The Caravan
  124. Collecting
  125. Elven Cloak (DoS)
  126. I'm enjoying my new copy of Final Fantasy I(PSP)!!
  127. FF origins Earthgift Shrine etc
  128. A rant
  129. How would this work in the PSP version?
  130. First version beaten?
  131. Why is the Steel/Knight's Armor so expensive?
  132. Gameplay on GBA vs NES
  133. TREX
  134. This party good enough?
  135. 4 Thieves...any out-standing tips?
  136. The Official Final Fantasy 1 FAQ
  137. First time playing through FF1(NES)
  138. Easy money making
  139. Epicness of the ToF...
  140. Dawn of Sawls/Introduction
  141. genji armor in DoS
  142. I'm Mad at Melmond!
  143. Original NES cartridge Death Squad!
  144. Final Fantasy 1 Should Have Been The Last
  145. 4 white mages!! It'll never work!
  146. Newbie.
  147. Urgh...how much more?
  148. Chronodia = Pwnt
  149. question about our heroes
  150. Well, I'm playing this for the first time...
  151. FF1 Dissidia..
  152. My buddy and I are starting it tonight.
  153. Difficulty (original version)
  154. Rad Racer
  155. Rad Racer and the rise of Lucas
  156. Gutteru Driftu!?
  157. Final Fantasy Gaiden
  158. Is the White Wizard giving me the finger?
  159. Solo Leveling Locations
  160. Original NES version of Final Fantasy I now available on the Wii Virtual Console
  161. Cheese me!
  162. Evade?
  163. Leveling at Waterfall, RW/BW/BW/BW - What's The Best Armor/Weapon for RW?
  164. >> FF1 Shopkeepers Quest..
  165. My First Encounter with... WARMECH!
  166. Way Lost
  167. Which is the Best Version?
  168. Ending
  169. Painful Encounter Rate
  170. Shrines GBA
  171. earth gift shrine (gba)
  172. Remaking this AGAIN?!
  173. Masters and Ninjas will always hate each other
  174. NES Strategy Guide Names
  175. PSP Version Specific Equipment
  176. Black Wizard Comparison
  177. Deeper Character Creation
  178. Other Classes
  179. Where's my hard mode?
  180. It all makes sense now
  181. Which is better: two red mages or a black mage and a white mage?
  182. The remakes...
  183. Final Fantasy vs. Dragon Warrior vs. Dungeons & Dragons.
  184. Flavor vs. Usefulness
  185. Stop Telephonin' Me
  186. Matoya's Crib
  187. 3d
  188. Your firsty party
  189. Why are my characters blind!?
  190. Can I play this game somewhere for free?
  191. Favorite Fiend
  192. Heal spells Vs Cure spells
  193. Dissidia : Warrior of Light
  194. Experiences anyone?
  195. Who is the guy on the cover art?
  196. The GBA sleeping bag...
  197. Let's do some Challenges!
  198. Combat Math?
  199. Can't believe this game is 23 years old.
  200. Lvl Question
  201. Black Belt Bugs
  202. Parties you've successfully class changed w/ only mandatory battles
  203. I can play this on my phone?!
  204. Level 50 vs Level 99
  205. Final Fantasy: Thief Edition OR One Treasure Hunter's Quest to Rid the World of Chaos
  206. "Canon" Warriors of Light According To the Artwork
  207. Anyone ever tried completing FFI without upgrading your jobs?
  208. Two PSP versions?
  209. Soul of Chaos: designed to destroy your sanity
  210. Final Fantasy 1 Best Team
  211. FFI Impressions
  212. Favorite version
  213. FFI Re-Imagined
  214. FF1 & 2 on PSP
  215. Red Dragon Randomly Encountered?
  216. Final Fantasy I in Minecraft
  217. So I just made garland my hoe... (psp)
  218. What is the best party for a Low Level Class Change?
  219. Jiro does FFI
  220. The Crystal Romance: Discussion
  221. Is Your White Mage a Male or Female?
  222. playing this on the side, whats the most powerfull class setup?
  223. Thief steals Chaos' wallet :)
  224. Scottish Dwarves
  225. Favorite Moment in the Game
  226. Have Any Of You Guys Tried Four White Mages?
  227. Favorite Fiend
  228. Winner!
  229. I choose... Not you?
  230. Difficulty
  231. Party Evaluation - GBA Version
  232. ROM hacking tools... key item descriptions
  233. Leveling up?
  234. Is there nothing i can do ?
  235. Need help
  236. Peninsula of Power
  237. Its place in history
  238. What's the best version of Final Fantasy?
  239. The Labyrinth of Time
  240. PSP Version: Endgame Leveling
  241. True Villain
  242. FFI Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  243. Just how hard is the original version of this game?
  244. Encourage me to finish this game!
  245. Is this game worth playing?
  246. The start of the legacy
  247. Who knows about stats, attack formulas... all that nitty gritty stuff?
  248. Final Fantasy I had class
  249. cresent lake FF1
  250. Final fantasy 1 (Iphone 4S): Earthgift shrine need help!