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  1. Galuf
  2. If FFV and FFIII merged together
  3. Brave Blade or Chicken Knife?
  4. Does anyone actually dislike this game?
  5. Which version did you play?
  6. Favorite Dungeon
  7. Did you Master all the Classes?
  8. If this game had come over to the West when it was released...
  9. FFV Four Job Fiesta
  10. Wow so pirates have this super cool musical theme out of nowhere
  11. Where my boats at? Where my dragons at? (Faris thread)
  12. Favorite Things About FFV
  13. Why can't I hold all these dragons
  15. Tell me about Blue Mages in this game
  16. Bartz Love interest?
  17. Bartz or Butz
  18. Best Summon Collecting
  19. FFVA: music patch or not
  20. Omega and Shinryuu
  21. Do you consider this game hard?
  22. Favorite Version
  23. Lenna or Reina?
  24. Hardest Boss
  25. Did You Like The Characters of FFV?
  26. Do you experiment?
  27. Your Top Five Classes
  28. ExDeath ~ Awesome Evil Warlock or Silly Antagonist Tree?
  29. I'm going to play this again soon
  30. FFV - How do you assign your job classes?
  31. So what do you feel is this game's theme?
  32. Faris Appreciation Thread
  33. Improve this game: FFV Edition
  34. Lenna
  35. The great script of this game
  36. Most Stylish Job-Class
  38. Thoughts on the Advance Jobs
  39. Galuf's death scene
  40. The Ultimate FF
  41. What system did you first play this on?
  42. I made a thing
  43. Final fantasy V random discussion SPOILERS
  44. Did you like the story of FFV?
  45. favourite ff V song
  46. curse those translators!
  47. Is Bartz a pimp?
  48. "No! The US couldn't handle it!"
  49. Final Fantasy V Review (Spoilers)
  51. Never Forget Them: Bartz and Boko
  52. Choose your Sealed Weapon
  53. Article: Final Fantasy V coming to Steam September 24th!
  54. Rank the Job Classes FFV Edition
  55. Did you ever remember exactly what tile the moogle village is on?
  56. Most memorable about Final Fantasy 5
  57. FF5....the Second Time
  58. FF5....the Second Time (part 2) *SPOILERS*
  59. Prequels or Sequels
  60. The Floating Ruins
  61. Remove a Class, Add a Class
  62. Favorite Lategame Setup? (No Freelancer/Mime)
  63. Why Final Fantasy V Has The Best FF Ensemble Cast
  64. FF5 Boss Advice
  65. My Asshole Walkthrough Count has hit 1000 (approx)
  66. Is World 3 mostly sidequests?
  67. Phoenix Tower
  68. Status Effects that amuse :-D
  69. So....how/why is Bartz a Pimp?
  70. And So We Enter......N-Zone
  71. I've forgotten how I beat Neo Exdeath (facepalm)
  72. FF5 Story Based Thread: ExDeath
  73. Favourite FF5 Character
  74. Krile ***SPOILERS***
  75. The Galuf Apreciation Thread ****SPOILER WARNING*******
  76. Reina/Lenna (you know, whichever)
  77. Bartz (him who Id rather not call a pimp but...whatever) ***SPOILERS****
  78. And Finally...Faris ****SPOILERS***
  79. Your Favourite Job Classes
  80. Your least favourite Job Classes
  81. Final Fantasy V Overclocked Remix Album II ~ Wateris soon to be released!
  82. Caught by The Void
  83. Best FFV Crystal for Jobs?
  84. 4 Job Fiesta 2016
  85. Mock Up FF5 Pics
  86. FF Character Corner - Lenna/Reina!
  87. How do you pronounce: Xezat
  88. Would you cut Hiryu's tongue to save your parents
  89. Butz
  90. Experience with the IOS port
  91. What would you want to see?
  92. Highly confused!
  93. Do you think we'll ever see a proper remake of this game?
  94. FFV 25 Years Later
  95. Rank the Characters (FFV Edition)