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  1. door trouble
  2. Bonus Dungeon Final Battle
  3. Has anyone done a perfect playthrough?
  4. glitch
  5. Has anyone got this game on GBA in Britain?
  6. The Underwater Face
  8. Just thinking...
  10. MUDDLE
  11. Job Combinations
  12. The ultimate party
  13. New FFV challange
  15. GIL TOSS
  16. Most kick ass job class
  17. Is the GBA version worth it?
  18. DRUIDS
  19. Final Fantasy V Rom
  21. How would you rate the game, in comparison to FFVI. Really.
  22. Question
  23. Where'd Cid go?
  24. Need help
  25. How many people have been brave enough
  26. Ninja + Equip Axes = Broken
  27. DS Game
  28. My Brother Thought I Said, "End Zone"
  29. Blue Magic
  30. another replay
  32. Gilgamesh
  33. Multiple Endings?
  34. !Redx2 or whatever
  35. ff5 help!
  36. Who's hip, anyway?
  37. job combo question
  38. Started playing again
  39. Help
  40. The new vs the old
  41. help me
  42. Final Fantasy V Advance Walkthrough
  43. Can you save
  44. Catoblepas
  45. Best version = ?
  46. That "That Lobster Got Served!!" Line...
  47. Am I nearing the end? *spoilers*
  48. Events from Gilgamesh's perspective
  49. Galuf Appreciation Society
  50. Favorite Command Combos
  51. The Melancholy of Faris Scherwiz
  52. Krile is a moogle/human-furry hybrid
  53. !Rapid Fire, Two Handed, and Dual Wield
  54. Censorship in 5
  55. Bartz-a pimp??
  56. Your favorite ABP sweetspots, early and late.
  57. The GBA Translation is My Favorite From The Entire Series
  58. Lenna/Reina Amano art
  59. Ghido. senior mutant turtle
  60. How can Galuf keep fighting at zero HP.
  61. Suggestions for the Remake for DS
  62. Point of no return
  63. Job questions
  64. The unanswered Questions
  65. Preferred version?
  66. Party ratings/advice
  67. Gameshark/code breaker codes
  68. Disagreement:
  69. Replacing the FFV Cast with EoFF Members
  70. New Jobs
  71. Gilgamesh's Real Identity (SPOILERS)
  72. If you've got it, flaunt it
  73. Let's Play Final Fantasy V!
  74. So what do you think the Ex means in Exdeaths name?
  75. well this sucks
  76. well thts stupid
  77. Help me figure out what part of the game I am at!
  78. okay help me
  79. Pure PWNage
  80. So "HE" is in the game now...(GBA version SPOILERS)
  81. Good Gil Areas
  82. Help :(
  83. What the hell?
  84. New game?
  85. Krile
  86. Do You Think Galuf.......
  87. Sealed castle
  88. Anticlimax much? SPOILERS
  89. Hard as Heck
  90. Bestiary Help, perhaps hacking?
  91. Question about the Blue Magic "Pep Up"
  92. Am i under-leveled/Bad stats
  93. Worst name in a Final Fantasy?
  94. make up your own command
  95. Character Spotlight: Lenna
  96. Galuf is a terrible character.
  97. My game is buggin'!
  98. Final Fantasy V Low Level 0 ABP 0% Challenge (This whole thread may contain spoilers)
  99. Good Fanart
  100. Help with the Four Crystals of Moore Forest
  101. Character Spotlight: Butz
  102. Enuo gets no credit
  103. forgot map in sunken ship, am i screwed?
  104. a wrong turn in walz castle
  105. GBA version, monk or ninja?
  106. where to get elemental scrolls?
  107. Looking for comprehensive monster loot and steal lists
  108. Favorite GIL farming spots, early and late (spill the beans)
  109. Neglected blue mage untill now (have black chocobo)
  110. ZSNES save state prior to Great Forest of Mua, World 2
  111. Question about making abilities innate
  112. Galuf or Krile?
  113. Krile or Lenna
  114. Mimic job class
  115. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  116. We shall Fight like Men!..and Women!..and Women who dress like Men!!! It's FAQ Time!
  117. Omega in the Void (GBA)
  118. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. Boko addition!
  119. FFV question
  120. Hello Boko
  121. Berserkers!
  122. Haste2 - Reason Enough
  123. Faris
  124. Back When Bosses Were Challenging
  125. Freelancers
  126. Jobs
  127. So I'm Gonna Play FFV: Advance
  128. Pop Culture!
  129. Hot Springs Scene
  130. When did you last play FFV?
  131. Squenix muses over FFV remake on DS...
  132. Am I under-leveled?
  133. Best Pure Job
  134. FFV Character Theme Debate!
  135. The GILGAMESH topic
  136. Best Final Fantasy Character Theme: FFV Edition
  137. Finally!
  138. So... did the "N" actually stand for anything?
  139. Garula... Before the Boss Battle??
  140. For the thieves...
  141. TURTLE!
  142. How to use the Final Fantasy V Translation Patch
  143. Strength in Numbers
  144. Faris the Guy
  145. It's all in the timing...
  146. Why is Bartz the leader?
  147. How did you set-up your party?
  148. FFV coming to PSN network
  149. Tips for a beginner?!
  150. Homosexuals
  151. Movers!
  152. Cause I'm an evil tree, you wann fight about it?
  153. 5 things you may not have known about FF 5
  154. Brave Blade or Chicken Knife?
  155. V for the PSP
  156. Abilities are Torture
  157. Is Bartz secretly a real Ninja?
  158. Homosexuality in V?
  159. Do you Think ExDeath is the strongest Villain in the series?
  160. Meteorite Bomb Boss
  161. Need Help Jobless Run
  162. Gamespite article on FFV
  163. FFV is free on PS Store for PS+ account holders.
  164. Can't Save My Game
  165. So... about that plot...
  166. Jacks of All Trades!
  167. I never seem to play this game more than a few hours...
  168. Most Memorable FF Soundtrack!
  169. Well we know where Gilgamesh stands so... Who is the second funniest character in FFV
  170. Rank the FF5 Characters!
  171. Which version of FFV should I play?
  172. Is it just me, or is this game slow?
  173. Good places to farm ABP early on?
  174. ExDeath vs. Cloud of Darkness
  175. FF5 Revisited!
  176. FFV Remake
  177. try putting atomos to sleep
  178. FFV or FFV Advance?
  179. Its place in history
  180. nobody will ever believe me
  181. Wind Drakes
  182. FFV Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  183. The least important game in the series?
  184. My post about FFV!
  185. My god the encounter rate in the game is ridiculous
  186. Favorite Job Class
  187. Happy 20th Birthday FF V!
  188. Article: FFIV Trailer hints at FFV on iOS
  189. FFV Music Appreciation thread
  190. Am I the only person who feels Krile is a Mary Sue?
  191. Public Announcement
  192. Faris is Leela
  193. FFV Talk
  194. spellblade dual wield rapid fire
  195. Boco
  196. Carbuncle
  197. Reviving Galuf
  198. "Bare" challenge
  199. Why can't you learn "!Kick"?
  200. Grinding
  201. Best Sealed Weapon
  202. Final Fantasy V Remake confirmed for Smartphone
  203. If I buy FFV iOS remake...
  204. Which class and sub class did you choose for your characters for the final battle?
  205. Victory!
  206. Long Range
  207. Job Fiesta
  208. Let's (let my daughter) Play FFV
  209. 20 years late
  210. My Home, Sweet Home
  211. Playing V for the first time.
  212. Goblin location in third world...?
  213. Recycled story?
  214. The Island Shrine
  215. Omega and Shinryuu
  216. if Final Fantasy...
  217. My slightly redressed hack of FF5 by RPGe
  218. Final Fantasy Fan Art Character Spotlight: Faris
  219. What is the "definitive" version of this game?
  220. Good grinding places in World 1?
  221. I want to thank this game...
  222. Would you play a prequel?
  223. FFV...The Musical!
  224. Why do you think this game isn't popular?
  225. Anyone actually try to beat Gogo?
  226. Story: The Weak Link
  227. The Best Thing About FFV is...
  228. Least Favorite Job
  229. Favorite Job Class? (FFV Edition)
  230. Anyone remember the Paladin Job Rumor?
  231. What if FFV didn't have the job class system?
  232. Take a character from another FF game
  233. What would you like to see in a remake?
  234. FFV Crossword puzzle
  235. Job that surprised you the most.
  236. Why is this the best 16-bit entry?
  237. Oh FF5, why does your story bug me?
  238. If you could change one thing about this game...
  239. Your assistance please
  240. I'm fighting Quadraharpies and it's awesome XD
  241. Legend of the Crystals: Have you seen it?
  242. Is Lenna the most underrated party member?
  243. Favorite Boss battle
  244. Gil Snapper
  245. Anyone not use the two most broken classes in this game?
  246. Who was the most engaging character for you?
  247. Create a Job!
  248. Anyone else miss the Wing Drake?
  249. I have never played this game
  250. Boco