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  1. Do You Want To Be Squall & Rinoa?
  2. Favorite location?
  3. "Not many students commute"
  4. The Dungeon and Scenario Design
  5. I Side With The Garden Master
  6. Soundtrack Dissonance
  7. Minor Annoyances
  8. Costume changes
  9. The Tonberry and Cactuar Massacre!
  10. Game With The Most Useful/Useless Magic
  11. Plot Powers...Activate!
  12. Did Edea make Rinoa wear the Odine Bangle? (spoilers)
  13. I Think i Broke The Timer
  14. Disk 4 Triple Triad Question
  15. Quistis Snapping At Rinoa
  16. Griever! Make Them Bleed!
  17. Dissidia Can't Get Anything Right
  18. Ultima Weapon
  19. Squall Leonhart: Nice Guy
  20. I Gotta Admit...I Always Get A Little Choked Up....
  21. FFVIII Crossword puzzle
  22. Everyone Has GF Amnesia
  23. Favorite Disc?
  24. Seifer Almasy - The Best Character
  25. Does Selphie... take a lot of... selfies?
  26. Renzokuken
  27. Poor Raine
  28. Text from FFVIII
  29. Squall.... Alternative character
  30. Zell's card
  31. Did you upgrade everyone's weapon?
  32. Did you Mod your GFs
  33. SeeD Rank
  34. Ok wait a minute.
  35. seriously though
  36. Whatever - Final Fantasy VIII and Oasis Song Parody
  37. Awkward school concerts
  38. Your time limit in the Fire Cavern
  39. How many of you played the FFVIII Theme on the organ?
  40. Galbadia President Election
  41. Final Fantasy Fan Art Character Spotlight: Squall Leonhart
  42. FFVIII on Steam now has game boosting "cheats"
  43. Squall's Gunblade
  44. do you guys remember when FFVIII music was at the Olympics
  45. Would you live at Balamb Garden
  46. Shumi Tribe
  47. Build your own party!
  48. What went wrong?
  49. Did you ever use the Car?
  50. The Ending
  51. Would this game have worked as a more "stylized" game?
  52. Would you get a Zell face tattoo?
  53. So how much time did you dump into Triple Triad?
  55. GF distribution
  56. FFVIII - Lost in Translation
  57. Dancing Soldiers Trick
  58. Driving your School
  59. Fighting Diablo
  60. What kind of SeeD are you?
  61. Hyne
  62. Times when something different happens per playthrough.
  63. Favorite things about FFVIII
  64. PC version
  65. Would you play a Laguna FFVIII Spin-off game?
  66. Do you feel VIII has the weakest cast of characters of the PS1 Generation?
  67. Irvine's party of choice
  68. The Missile Base Mission
  69. For a good time, press R1
  70. The closest friends
  71. Favorite sequence in the game?
  72. Who Is Your Favourite FFVIII Male?
  73. For a good time, hold select and mash square
  74. I don't care if they are old...
  75. Who Is Your Favourite FFVIII Female?
  76. What did you think of the translation?
  77. What Did You Think of FFVIII's Love Story?
  78. Ultimecia's Castle... Best Final Dungeon?
  79. The most important unsolved mystery of FFVIII
  80. Give This Game Alternate Endings!
  81. Draw or Refine?
  82. Simple but complicated question
  83. Most Convoluted Customization System?
  84. Most Memorable World?
  85. Ultimecia's Power
  86. JUST discovered the whole Master Fisherman/history of FH sidequest.
  87. Often described as "that one with the romance", but how about....
  88. The Theme of Love
  89. ♪Train, train, take me away ♪
  90. Did you ever complete all the SeeD Tests?
  91. Favorite Limit Break? (FFVIII Edition)
  92. Final Fantasy VIII Review
  93. What's the luckiest thing that has happened?
  94. What's the Dumbest Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII
  95. This is just stupid!
  96. Ma Dincht
  97. Is Rinoa a Ranger?
  98. Balamb Garden Directory: Please Choose A Location!
  99. Favourite FF VIII song
  100. Things we failed to appreciate...
  101. All about Ward
  102. Finally...
  103. So this just happened...
  104. Selphie and Zell as a Couple: Awful or Awesome?
  105. It's fun beating Sorceress Adel on roughly... (Ceila's VIII Game Replay thread)
  106. What is your opinion of Final Fantasy VIII?
  107. Which Garden would you join?
  108. FFVIII Animated Short film
  109. Which Was The Dumber Plan?
  110. Send Help!
  111. Have you ever tried to create an acronym for SeeD?
  112. Team Builds?
  113. Worst GF?
  114. Snow Lion
  115. Did you Collect all the Triple Triad Cards? [FF8]
  116. Did you know this about Laguna's trip to the Centra Excavation Site?
  117. Let Zell use his damn hoverboard!
  118. Would Trabia Garden Have Been Mobile?
  119. What happened to Ragnarok after the end of the game?
  120. That train mission on Disc 1
  121. Seifer The Hero
  122. A Shocking Swerve
  123. Missile Base Team Selection
  124. Card Mod
  125. Right or Left?
  126. FFVIII Limit Breaks
  127. The Game Square Should Have Remade...
  128. Conspiracies about this game?
  129. Most disliked (playable) character?
  130. Where would you work?
  131. Best Lines in the Game
  132. SeeD Diaries: Squall Leonhart
  133. Relationship Advice, FFVIII-Style!
  134. FFVIII LOVE thread!
  135. What did Squall mean about dead people being refered to in past tense?
  136. Help !
  137. A Classic FFVIII Review
  138. Rank the GFs
  139. The Legendary Beast
  140. Hello, steam version and...
  141. Rinoa=Selphie theory
  142. Finally Comprehending Junctions
  143. Replaying FFVIII on the PSVita
  144. FFVIII - If you could remove one character...
  145. Who was your favorite?
  146. Final Fantasy VIII's Anniversary!
  147. Good News For Trepies, Quistis is Coming to World of Final Fantasy!
  148. For the Love of Hot Dogs
  149. Final Fantasy VIII Remix Album Now Available for Download
  150. Why isn't...
  151. Happy Birthday Ward!
  152. Best FF8 Music
  153. Happy Birthday Rinoa!
  154. Happy Birthday Zell!
  155. A Harpoon? Really
  156. What kind of music do you think Squall listened to?
  157. Ellone: The Darling of FF8 **SPOILERS**
  158. "And..."
  159. The Trepies
  160. Quistis: Glasses or no glasses?
  161. On a scale of 1-10, how sexy is Squall's scar?
  162. The Man With The Machine Gun
  163. how do you pronounce: Ultimecia
  164. Would you modify a rare triple triad card or keep it?
  165. Was this a glitch?
  166. MISTAKE!
  167. Balamb Garden Network- Computer Terminal
  168. They should make a direct sequel (Spoilers)
  169. Selphies train song
  170. Final Symphony VIII Concert
  171. "I Swear, the Sorceress from the future Made me do it!"
  172. Why is Squalls Surname Leonhart
  173. anyone else thought Kiros was a girl
  174. Replaying this
  175. Having a graphics problem playing FF8 on steam
  176. Revolver
  177. Something I just noticed
  178. What is something you loved about VIII...
  179. Do squall and Laguna know they are related?
  180. So Why Did Cid put Squall in Charge?
  181. Happy Birthday Squall !
  182. FFVIII Did I cheat?
  183. Ulitma Weapon, Eden, and Omega Weapon
  184. Yoshinori Kitase shuts down "Squall is Dead", other fan theories
  185. Renaming Squall and Rinoa
  186. Having Seifer and Edea as temporary party members
  187. FFVIII Voice Actors
  188. So... what exactly is the "enemies level up as you do" system?
  189. Silly Seifer !
  190. Final Fantasy VIII is Trash
  191. Standing up for FF8
  192. Say what you willl . . .
  193. What group are you ?
  194. Selphie, a potential Sorceress candidate?? Let's analyse her.
  195. Remembering Final Fantasy VIII