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  1. Who was your favorite party?
  2. Strangest model
  3. The Moon's rotational speed
  4. A scene with Selphie that I just discovered after 10 years...*MILD SPOILERS*
  5. Is it possible to go to Dollet (spoiler)
  6. FF8 Name meanings
  7. Yes, I have finaly the Squall Lionheart's ultimate weapon!
  8. Help with Cards...
  9. You ever watch Spoony's review of Final Fantasy VIII on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.Com?
  10. Gunblade specialization
  11. Maybe Im a BilLIONaire
  12. Mystery about dreamworld
  13. Final Fantasy Sim Date RPG (VII,VIII,IX,X,X-2)
  14. The PuPu Thread!
  15. Would anyone care to explain how it's possible Edea's house has a field of flowers?
  16. Seifer and Squall are brothers
  17. FFVIII PSN version
  18. Ya know, Squall x Ellone Makes More Sense
  19. Completing the game for the first time....
  20. SeeD: Ranking Up and Down
  21. Item refinement flowchart or map?
  22. Her Eyes Symbol?
  23. The First Disc
  24. Curiosity about Irvine
  25. Ultimecia's Castle is my favourite final area in any final fantasy
  26. "You're the best looking guy here."
  27. Final Fantasy VIII PC wrong CD error
  28. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  30. Character Themes
  31. There's Something with Seifer and Edea/Ultimecia
  32. Squall Theory
  33. FFVIII's Premonition vs. James Dooley's Trinity
  34. End of Disc 2
  35. NOM NOM! ....Mmm Tasty
  36. Card Rule Manipulation
  37. Does anyone else hate missing conversations?
  38. FF 8 Disk issues [AGAIN!]
  39. Floor levels on the Ragnarok uneven?
  40. Kitase signed FF8
  41. Running FF8 from ISO problem.
  42. Rinoa Was Lost in Space Forever
  43. Zell and Rinoa: a split of Tifa?
  44. Card rule help?
  45. FF8 help
  46. FF8 Worth it?
  47. Sorceress Selphie? (possible spoilers)
  48. Her tongue
  49. Laguna & Co.
  50. PocketStation
  51. FFVIII = Star Wars?
  52. Is Diablos hard???
  53. FFVIII - Scooby Doo?
  54. The Landing Vs. Attack on Dollet
  55. Sorceress Adel
  56. Dr. Odine and the Ward card
  57. What if Squall wasn't there...
  58. Most tragic figure in FFVIII?
  59. Parade dance
  60. Looking for an authentic Squall Griever Necklace
  61. Too Easy?
  62. "The Sorceress Knight - The Scenario Edition" - what is "scenario eddition"?
  63. grendel disc 1
  64. GF difficulties
  65. Final Fantasy VIII Riddles again
  66. Seifer is a Mana Knight
  67. misc questions
  68. Help me play this game!
  69. Where is...
  70. Seifer's animations during the second battle.
  71. FF8 Launcher
  72. This game is so lovely!
  73. Who's the most powerful sorceress? *DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED*
  74. No SeeD if not for the Sorceress...what happened originally? *SPOILERS*
  75. Again, the Moon
  76. Crazy oblivion...
  77. I have a theory about Ultimecia... (Major Spoilers)
  78. Squall threatening to hit Rinoa
  79. Final dungeon/ disc 4 prepreations?
  80. Most adorable dialogue ever
  81. Restart for completion reasons?
  82. Purposes of maintainig level 7 ?
  83. I realized something today
  84. Do you think FFVIII's Game Design had an Impact on the series?
  85. Junction, Redux
  86. Best and worst parts of the game!
  87. Image Locating Help....
  88. Steppin' in the brown stuff: Polishing up the game text!
  89. Ragnarok scene... Squall & Rinoa... Hidden Words!
  90. Dollett Mission- Breaking the game?
  91. Am I the only person who finds the character designs bland or just plain stupid?
  92. Can't get Xu to play cards :/
  93. Why FFVIII?
  94. Ultimecia is...
  95. Can I still abolish a rule when I've got nothing new to spread?
  96. Obel freakin' lake
  97. Griever is...
  98. What would you think if there were voice-overs?
  99. Rinoa and Seifer Sitting In A Tree...Maybe?
  100. A pretty silly question regarding Elnoyle.
  101. Draw Failed!?!??!?
  102. Most Beautiful Location?
  103. Dumb question :B Help me out guise!
  104. Final Fantasy 8 Discussions on eyesoff is dead or not?
  105. Definitive or Open to Interpretation
  106. Ultimecia's Griever
  107. Buying Triple Triad cards
  108. People who complain about drawing magic do not know how to play FFVIII
  109. Rank the FF8 Characters!
  110. Okay, I give up, what the hell is Eden?
  111. Squall's Dead
  112. So who is your favorite GF?
  113. My ending analysis.
  114. Irvine "Magic" Kinneas
  115. Final Fantasy VIII Quote Quiz
  116. Favorite Final Fantasy VIII theory?
  117. What am I doing with my life?
  118. Suggestions
  119. Junctioning
  120. Discuss why the inconsiderate people of FF8 just leave their stuff lying around
  121. Where did it fall apart for you?
  122. FFVIII HD remake, things you'd like to see?
  123. Leveling up vs. Remaining at low levels
  124. Let's talk children card games
  125. Caption Time!
  126. You're In My World Now, B***!
  127. God damn it, Deling City
  128. The Second Life Final Fantasy VIII Roleplay Project
  129. Esthar Government
  130. FFVIII Sound effects
  131. Swapping Out Characters
  132. The "Love Triangle"
  133. Guess Who!
  134. Locky's FFVIII Parody Song!
  135. FFVIII Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  136. Favourite Party
  138. DO CLOUD HAS SWORD!!!????
  139. The most present day Fantasy?
  140. I have never played
  141. Most Underrated FF
  142. Eyes On Me?
  143. What is JUST me or was the main party stupid?
  144. Squall The Impaled
  145. The Seifer Topic
  146. Nicknames!
  147. Non-Canon Pairings
  148. FFVIII Job System
  149. I havn't logged in for about 3 years...
  150. Actors...
  151. What is Time Compression?
  152. What worked in this Game?
  153. Hyne
  154. Squall: Great Protagonist, or snarky dip shit?
  155. General let's play Final fantasy VIII writenbook project version 1.0
  156. First thing you realised you forgot to do before Time Compression?
  157. A little piece of help
  158. Help with installation
  159. A part of the story that got dropped?
  160. Valentines Special! A Final Fantasy Wedding!
  161. Erase From Time
  162. Looking for people to play an online Triple Triad game with!
  163. I have been finding a picture...
  164. Cactus Jack
  165. Happy Birthday Rinoa Heartily!! :D
  166. Could Final Fantasy VIII Be Coming to Steam?
  167. Vividarium Intervigilium Viator
  168. Final Fantasy VIII is Objectively the Worst Final Fantasy
  169. Final Fantasy 8 lovers HATERS CAN'T COME IN
  170. Queen of Cards impasse...
  171. Article: Final Fantasy VIII PC Re-Release Revealed
  172. What elements of the story/world do you wish you could explore more?
  173. Obtained Elnoyle card!
  174. Plot Theory: Hidden Themes of *Satanic Ritual Abuse*
  175. Moomba Failure
  176. Zell's Love Quest - Help please!
  177. Is this game romantic?
  178. Favorite and Least Favorite Monsters
  179. Why does Balamb Garden hate sport?
  180. Rinoa: Great Heroine, or annoying, stupid damsel?
  181. Curse You Robin Williams/Why Balamb Garden Is Terrible
  182. I had this Fantasy one time..
  183. How is Timber Maniacs distributed?
  184. Selphie's personality
  185. Happy Birthday Squall! :D
  186. Finally started this game
  187. Hypothetical Live-Action Film Representation
  188. If you were a SeeD...
  189. You're a Sorceress Knight. Who is it you're defending?
  190. The Squall's death theory (spoilers)
  191. Final Fantasy VIII is on Steam.
  192. Lvl up & the monsters lvl up with you
  193. Found a sure-fire way to abolish random in Dollet and Galbadia
  194. Demo disc!
  195. The Owl's Tear Guy Appreciation Thread
  196. I like trains
  197. Favorite Location
  198. "Give me a hug."
  199. Mr. Happy playing Triple Triad
  200. Triple Triad is my favorite minigame of the series
  201. How do you arrange your characters?
  202. Ultima Weapon Card has any uses at all? is it important to get?
  203. Did you permanently take down the mechanical spider X-ATM092?
  204. Your favorite temporarily playable characters
  205. Selphie
  206. How long do missiles take?
  207. You can quick travel in Balamb Garden!?
  208. Curse You!
  209. ToriJ plays FINAL FANTASY VIII!
  210. LV Up Ability
  211. Happy Birthday Laguna! :D
  212. And I thought Disc 2 was crazy (Spoilers)
  213. The Galbadian Military
  214. Navgtr FF8
  215. List of hacks and Add-ons for PC version
  216. Final Fantasy VIII Review
  217. Can i run it?
  218. Squall Has The Right To Remain "..."
  219. FFVIII Love Story
  220. Gunblades
  221. Laguna finds an old key (no spoilers please if possible)
  222. How was your first playthrough?
  223. Help needed stuck on disc 4.
  224. Galbadia takes live broadcasts VERY seriously
  225. Happy Birthday Ward! :D
  226. How do I play card game?
  227. Happy Birthday Zell Dincht! :D
  228. FFVIII Game Pros and Cons
  229. I want to thank this game...
  230. Underground desert prison
  231. Choose your Garden
  232. What if Seifer had been the main character?
  233. Which Female character did you like the most?
  234. Final Fantasy VIII-2
  235. Did you do the Chcobo sidequest?
  236. Did you have a PocketStation? If so, what was the Chocobo game like?
  237. Best Final Boss Theme of FF8?
  238. Did you ever do all of Zell's sidequest?
  239. Moombas!
  240. Gotta Catch Them All!
  241. R=Q?
  242. Favorite Way to Acquire a GF
  243. If you were a GF
  244. FFVIII Demo
  245. Rinoa’s Wishing Star Limit Break
  246. Ultimecia
  247. Garden Faculty
  248. sharky and shion's FFVIII Let's Play!
  249. Final Fantasy VIII Requiem
  250. The GF memory twist