Milwaukee Shelving Installation FAQ

These instructions and safety information should be reviewed with all store personnel, and along with all other instructions for your shelving products, must be preserved and provided to any subsequent user or purchaser of these fixtures. Additional copies available upon request.

Install all shelving according to installation instructions and use components only as instructed. Shelving and components should only be installed or rearranged by trained personnelwho have read and understand these instructions and warnings.
Local codes and regulations concerning building, fire, sanitation, or seismic requirements may apply to some installations. It is the responsibility of the owner of these fixures to checkwith local building authorities to determine what codes or regulations.
Provide safe access to all levels of Milwaukee storage & shelving installation company in accordance with applicable OSHA regulations. Never allow anyone to climb, walk, or stand on shelving. These shelveswere not designed to withstand the extra weight and impact of climbing, walking and standing, and the added weight and impact of such actions may cause the fixture to collapse.