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  1. More on #EyesonFF

    Our rank in the world of DeviantArt is slowly growing! Since its creation, our humble little group has now 6 members as of this post! It's surely to grow, with 2 possible new members on the way, including one who is not a member of these forums! I'm quite excited to see what will happen in the future for our small group!
  2. Eleven years.

    As of today, September 10th, 2012, I have been a member of this forum for eleven years. You people are the worst. Why do I keep coming back here?

    In all seriousness, I've had my hiatuses and down periods over the years. Something about this place always keeps me coming back, though ([strike]dating material[/strike]). Eyes on FF has been no stranger to change, and it has indeed changed. We all know that it's not how it used to be - members have left, activity levels have dropped, we ...

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  3. to the Pony ppl

    i thought the My Little Pony fans here might like it.. i know i do ^^
  4. Weirdness

    Although objectively it didn't last that long, it feels weird as hell to have no time-specific obligations at EoFF with both the CK Competition and FFV Revisited! ending on the same day. I can actually play FFXI after work again!

    But I'm not gonna.

    Not this week, anyways. Next week I'm on vacation, and everything takes a back seat to relaxing and doing whatever the hell I want, which probably means a lot of FFXI and very little else.

    I do still have ...
  5. The Return of Crazyass Dreams featuring Jiro Dakoda

    Last night I had a crazy dream where I totally inceptioned my way to defeating the laws of physics.

    Jiro was having some kind of EoFF meeting at his house, which happened to be nestled in the mountains of North Carolina Australia, where I also lived. So nine EoFFers, none of whom I can remember besides shion, piled in his mom's Jeep and went to his house. We were talking about something and everyone started to go to sleep, so I decided it was adventure time.

    There ...
  6. EyesonFF on DeviantArt

    Okay, yesterday, with Freya's help and apparently the blessing of EoFF, I started the group! So far so good! It looks like we'll get a pretty slow start gaining members and all. I almost have all the artwork that I showcased in the features, and once that is finished, I can start on looking for some for next week's showcase. Right now, we're just looking for members! And we could possibly promote some to contributors in the group!

    Speaking ...
  7. HC you dingbat

    Would anyone happen to have a genie I could use?
    I have some wishes I need granted.
  8. i have made a decision!

    im done waiting and searching..
    im going to the freaking food-store-thingy and aply for job as a freaking cashier...

    i am that desperate now.
    oktober is big money-spending month:
    Bf's birthday
    a 'vacation' with my Bf
    Militry (a big horse event)
    horse riding with friends.
    resident evil 6!assassins creed 3!
    final fantast (psp)

    and i... need... money D:
  9. Decision made (Vana'diel Chronicles)

    So I'm definitely going ahead with Vana'diel Chronicles after my secret project; the idea has been taking off in my head. Problem is, I only have 3 volunteers out of six needed.

    So here's what I'm going to do: If I don't get my other 3 volunteers, I'll conscript 3 forum members. I'm thinking V22 and HC. If V22 isn't on staff by then, I'll fill in the third slot with a staff member, and if he is, I'll conscript Iceglow.

    Here's the catch, though: If I have to conscript ...

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  10. I hate learning.

    Rantz and I have plans for yayChristmastimevisit this December where he will undoubtedly get me pregnant and then ruin my life by forcing me to move to Sweden to bear his lumberjack children. I'm attempting to learn Swedish to make my suspected imprisonment a little easier, but it's just so damn hard. I've never been good at languages and did terribly in my three years of French during school, but french is atleast a latin-based language that I could guess a little bit based on how the ...