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  1. Capturing a little of FFX-2 (J)

    =D! I'm having quite a bit of fun with this!

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    Final Fantasy
  2. A More Positive Blog

    So I have been having a lot of fun since I returned here. I know I already posted something like this recently, but you guys are all great. Thanks for making these past few months fun.

    I made this a blog post instead of an EoEO thread because I doubt many of you care that much about the details.

    Today, the Supreme Court issued a massive opinion upholding the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare” (CNN’s hilarious screw up notwithstanding). I disagree with the decision, but in a somewhat surprising way. On a strictly constitutional level, I think Chief Justice Roberts’s opinion (which while not technically the Court’s opinion in all respects, ends up controlling all ...
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  4. Searching a game

    when i was young there was a game and i want to play it again.

    what i think to remember is a game, a bit 3d-ist and you controle (i think it was) a cute little bear.
    the game was winter-themed.
    but what i can remenber really well is a part where you go into a mine car and 'rollercoast' down the mine and you had to lean left or right to keep the cart steady.
    my dad and i had a really tough time with that part.

    i hope it sounds someone farmiliar
  5. Big Bird Once Beat a Man to Death.

    I really need to not let bad moments in my day dictate my mood for most of it. I am usually good at not letting that happen. Today was not one of those days.
  6. And everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

    Soooo, to make my inactivity even worse, there's a massive MASSIVE forest fire covering quite a lot of colorado springs right now, and it's very highly probable that my neighborhood will be evacuated.

    The sky looks crazy though, it's scary/awesome.

    But I don't even know where I'll be staying.
    Just thought I'd bring that up.
    I've gotta go master water bending now, toodles.
  7. FunnyJunk vs. The Oatmeal vs. Charles Carreon

    This is an introductory post on the Streisand effect. The Streisand effect occurs when an attempt to censor or otherwise hide information leads only to that information being spread more effectively. This is otherwise known as “the internet.”

    Once upon a time, many moons ago, the website comic The Oatmeal noted that another website, FunnyJunk, was hosting a crapload of its content. The Oatmeal then asked FunnyJunk to delete that content, and FJ responded by deleting a small percentage ...

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    That's right, you are all getting nicknames again starting very very very very very soon.
  9. For the love of god..-.-'

    So im just zapping along the channels when i see the movie Hostel..
    3 guys are at front of the hostel and ask if they can come in..
    the movie is in Amsterdam... in Holland.
    and what do the lokale dutchman speak in the movie?


    somebody pls kill the directer
  10. troubled mind

    So im about to graduate (wel boe -freaking hoe)
    While i see everyone around me like 'OMG grats u graduated im so happy for you blablabla', i honestly cant care less

    Im doing school in Animal care.
    when i started i was all exited, and school was fun!
    every week we went to a company or something to take a look. and most of the lessons were actualy fun :o
    2nd year.. we did somethine once a month. the lessons were ok.

    3rd year i lost all motivation. ...