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  1. Here is a picture of Tom Hardy giving Gary Oldman a hug.

    I haven't told you guys any crazy ass dreams in five months!
  2. american politics

    So i watched the news (here in holland) and they started talking about the elections in Amerika.

    its just insane, becaus in theire commercials they try to take the other one down :/
    they say stuff like: He doesnt pay taxes, and he has a bank account in switserland.
    or a 'touching' sad story told by a man saying he lost his job becaus of 1 of them, and bcaus of that he didnt get health insurance, and bcaus of that his wife died -.-

    i just think its discusting ...
  3. Most Popular super amazing guru blog of good hygiene with mega money & panties & Sam

  4. BLOG

    I couldn't think of a better title.

    So I haven't been online since April, because I've been staying with my mom who decided she hates the internet.

    Since April, I have received my green card to be a permanent resident of the US and I will be moving to South Carolina in October , which I am very excited about.

    In other news, I grew my nails out and have become mildly obsessed with nail polish.
  5. I'm a giant moron

    I've now got 3 full time jobs, 2 with contracts.
    I'm a moron.

    I work at a cellphone company, a real estate office, and a pizzaria.

    Goodbye double daves, I quit.
  6. Small regrets

    last night ive been thinking about something that happened 2 years ago..

    1 day i saw my dog drewling bad at one side of his mouth. when i looked i saw that the tip of his big tooth was broken off.

    apearently it happened when he was playing with my dad..
    my dad threw some rocks in the water and the dog went after it, but 1x he was a little too fast and actualy caught the rock.

    so we went to the vet.
    we came there, they guided us to an examination ...
  7. Dietary Adventures Part 3: Where I give you an update

    I haven't had time to get to the follow up for my last post, so I thought I'd give a quick update instead.

    My first week was something of a wash. My wife was in the hospital for some minor surgery in the middle of the week so I was grabbing meals where I could get them and wasn't always making great choices due to general fatigue and disinterest since I was spending my time either working, or with her in the hospital for a few days. But of course, the most important thing to do when ...
  8. Abraham lincoln: vampire hunter

    Who the hell came up with this movie?

    i meen seriously!!

    i think they just put 2 bowls on the table.
    1 with random celebrity names, and in the other one (fantasy) jobs etc..

    Abraham lincoln.. a vampire hunter..
    there is just no connection at all

    whats next?
    Elvis presley werewolf hunter?
  9. Happy Deathday

    Quote Originally Posted by Hypoallergenic Cactuar View Post
    Today is the 106th anniversary of Raistlin's death, and as with every year we takt this day to talk about our flavorite things about Raistlins hair before he died and it decided to go fro on us.

    But before we begin, let us begin by singing the traditional deathday song.

    In the days of great darkness,
    the rabbits roamed the land,

    The dovahkiin was gone,
    no heroes to land a hand,
    Misery and dirty nappies
    had formed an evil band,
  10. The Time has come again my children.

    In one week, the Babes Rise once more.

    With 30 new contestantes, will they dethrone the remaining 34 from last years brutal competition? Or will they fall to the wayside against the tournaments seasoned vets?

    Join in on The Tournament of Game Babes.