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  1. payin' tha cost to be tha boss

    Tl;dr version: people are weird

    My recent adventures into the social world of academic life have made me raise some questions about the futility of my intentions. Here I am, talking to all these students, trying to raise my own social status one step at a time. These people however, seemed pretty stupid. A few days ago, I was at one of these so-called "social drinks" of the faculty association (faculty of history, cultural and media sciences).

    Although I've ...
  2. What the hell, guys.

    STILL no retirement threads for Rye or Kishi? EoFF's members are slacking. I'd do it myself but apparently people get all whiney when a staffer makes these threads. As I found out last time I made a thread for a retired forums staffer.
  3. Who do you live with?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    holy crapsmurfsteak. I'd like to know, how many people actually read iceglows posts?
  4. Spring Cleaning

    by , 03-01-2011 at 03:02 AM (rubah's Precious Little Life)
    I see the staff have stepped out of their lethargy and tried making some threads today 8D Completely inconspicuously, of course.

    I would've let you get away with Rantzien, Shlup, foa, and even BoB and WK making threads, but making Murd pull the thread wagon reeks of desperation!

  5. The wrong way to do periodic updates.

    So as we all know, the move to more powerful consoles with most likely constant internet connections and hard drives has inevitably lead to periodic updates like we've seen in PC titles for at least the last 10-15 years. Now there are certainly upsides and downsides to this. Many people don't like the idea because there's always the potential for a developer to release a buggy game and fix it later. Of course, most developers realize this is a bad idea and will only hurt them in the long run. The ...
  6. k-pop ^^

    I saw a NatGeo documentary about North Korea yesterday. Of course we all know it's pretty much the most retarded country in the world, and the doc did a good job of confirming that once again. They managed to convince the regime to let in a camera crew into the country because they were travelling with an eye surgeon who was going there to teach their doctors how to perform basic surgery on people suffering from blindness because of cataracts (caused by their crap nutrition).

    I think ...

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  7. Welcome to the tora zone

    In my ever continuing quest to move up in this world, I've decided to start writing. I made a LinkedIn account yesterday (because you're not professional until you have one!) and there was this field where you could fill in your skills and stuff, and I saw I didn't really any skills that are useful in the world of professional douches so I just picked "writing and editing". I have no idea what I'm going to write about, but I can at least start with blog posts that nobody cares about. ...
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  8. Things that Suck

    Vacuums. Also I was in a car accident with a little old lady today. No one is harmed and I wasn't faulted, but I still feel like and like I did something horrible. I have some other kind of smurfed up brain when a mediating party has to try to cheer me up when I'm sad for someone else to that extent.

    I'm going to keep trying to blog if you'll keep trying to read.
  9. Ugh

    It's like 6am, I'm slightly intoxicated, and the neighbors are having noisy sex.

    Like off and on for three hours.

    And I'm pretty sure I heard a third voice a few times.
  10. Final Fantasy I - Part 1

    Final Fantasy, also known as The Original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy I in collections and common languages, is a role-playing game developed and published by Square Co., Ltd. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in 1987, and it is the inaugural game in Square's flagship Final Fantasy series.

    Final Fantasy has subsequently been remade for several different video game consoles and handheld systems, including the MSX2 computers (converted and released by ...