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  1. decisions decisions

    I cant choose which college to go to!
    I've been accepted to:
    UNT- which is close to home and within driving distance
    Baylor- nice but I'd need several student loans
    Kings- very selective, good scholarship, but all the way in NYC, which would be fine except there isnt any housing
    puget sound- top rated, very expensive

    where should I go??????
  2. The first slap round the face of 2011

    Blog number 2 and I have some bad news!

    My new band, the one I started with 2 professional session musicians I met back in October, the drummer lost his job and has decided to leave Dublin and move to London to find work

    So it's beginning to look increasingly more likely that band number 8 is just about dead! I'm seriously getting sick of this sh*t! Last year I put 6 months of work into getting band 7 off the ground and thanks to the attitude of an ultimately flakey ...
  3. Today I finally bothered to finish my FFV game.

    That means within the past year (as in 365 days, obviously, being 2011 and all) I've completed FFV, FFXII and FFXIII - all for the first time. Not bad! I'll probably also finish FFIX for the first time in the next month, so that'll make four in the past year. Before now I'd finished VII, VIII and X, for what it's worth. I'll probably re-finish those soon enough, too - or at least the first two. Not sure if I'll ever play X again for a long time. Just don't like Yuna and Tidus.
    Final Fantasy
  4. Old Stuffs (Vol. 1)

    Hey. I'm going to look back into some old pictures of art that I've done in the past. And by past, I mean this is Pre-2000. Work I have done prior to the Y2K bug that was feared. Before George W. Bush was president. This stuff is old, man. But for some strange reason, I still have these pictures on me. I remember when I thought I lost them, but I had them back since reconnecting with an old Internet friend I had several years ago.

    Anyway, I'll probably showcase a picture one at ...
  5. Already 6 years here? Sure is long isn't it?

    Dear Eoff and Eoffers and who this might concern,

    Wow, I realized I have spent six years here in EoFF although I think I am only active for like half or less than that duration! But the thing is I still remember to come back here every now and then!

    I find it kinda hard to believe that I actually didn't forget about this place nor most of the people here! Although most of them that I knew aren't active anymore but hey, I get to know new people too as time ...
  6. Things I've been doing of late

    I've been a busy bee of late. I still check eoff but you might have noticed a drop in actual posting. Or might not have.... Jerks.

    • Working lots. I have acquired 4 jobs in the past like 3 months and it's so sporadic when I work. 4 part time jobs that is, can't seem to get one good fulltime job here in oklahoma. Unless I want to work for Halliburton and smurf that.

    • Reading a LOT. I've finished quite a few books lately.

    • Learning Swedish! Yeah.
  7. Who's ever heard of a dreamer that can't sleep?

    I've never blogged before, ever! So I suppose if I am to start might as well start with something that is really bothering me lately!

    I don't remember the last time I got a goodnight's sleep! I would say it has been years! The kind of restful sleep were when you wake up the next day you feel rested, fully recharged and ready to grab life by the scruff of the neck.

    The problem seems to stem from this weird burst of energy I seem to get around about midnight every night ...
    Personal Life
  8. Oh you little brats and your silly fantasies!

    Well I am a matured and rational educator now working in a school!

    So for these past few months I have been hanging out with this male teacher in the school since we got posted there at the same time and we are around the same age too!

    Due to our work, we are like always seen to be together (ONLY IN SCHOOL THOUGH). So this is where the kids start coming up with stories with us being a couple and stuffs!

    One time we are having ...
  9. AK's misguided new years resolutions

    I thought a nice way to introduce my way into 2011 was to blog about it, because you know, that's never been done before. So here is my list of new year resolutions that I'll most definitely fail to keep, and will actually keep records of when I fail to keep them. Betting is allowed, and even encouraged.

    AK's misguided new years resolutions

    1. Never get so drunk again that I can't remember part of the night.

    Estimated time until fail: 3-6 weeks

  10. Job 4 get!

    I got another job. Unemployment rate my ass. My jobs aren't that great paying but I have 4 so it equals out to a decent job. People are just lazy.