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  1. Something that passed me by in late August.

    I've now been registered at EoFF for over ten years. Go me? Probably actively posting for just as long, too. I think I've only taken one month off, so yeah... crazy.
  2. Keepin' Busy.

    I knew when I decided to go back to school that these would ostensibly the last days where I could live 'freely'. That is, before I get tied down to a permanent job or a permanent Significant Other. I also knew that I wouldn't have a lot of break time, due to the schedule the school set up (i.e. my Summer break ended in July, been in school from then until now).

    That term ended last week, and I was looking forward to the break until my cousin told me she'd be getting married in Canada. ...
  3. FISH

    So yeah, I want to get a new fishtank! I'm thinking a 55 gallon setup from walmart (it's cheap and comes with everything) I wanna go with South American Cichlids this time. I'm thinking about these guys:

    A firemouth (I've had these before)

    A Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

    A Keyhole (Also ...
  4. The Wall

    I intend to make a great gaming wall as a tribute to all the great games I've played. :] So gonna keep track of it in this here blog.

    and here's the humble start to the wall! Well, not too humble. That Mega Man is made of 2832 beads and took me 4+ hours to make.

    Now what might my next project be! Nobody knows!
  5. HEY-O!

    I'm thinking about studying abroad. Know any good broads?
  6. Who loves the 80s??

    P.S. If you think you can name all of these cartoons, doooo iiiiit.
    Personal Life
  7. Ether net ey

    Quote Originally Posted by Hypoallergenic Cactuar View Post
    And behold, a third of the land, and a third of the seas, and a third of the sky and the stars in them dissapeared and became as night.
    And the house of the lord was gone, being left those who represented 666 alone on the earth.

    the third that disappeared were those who believed, those who remained were numbered by the devil, 666, or in other words:
    66 and two thirds that remained.

    And woe were the fallen, divided by lot in halves, cast into the
  8. Now is when you announce it Blue.

    We of the Babekeepers forgive Big Daddy's pre-emptive post declearing the official creation of us, The Babekeepers. From here on out, we will handle all Blog Posts for Babe of the Weak, Babe related events, and the handling of the Babe Tournaments.

    We are the only account one needs to subscribe to in order to find our Blogs.

    Also, we saddly announce the fall of Sugga Mama, the second member to leave our ranks.

    We give our regards to the fallen members of Sugga ...
  9. Stuffs happening.

    Ho hum. Apparently something is coming up so the new plan for the Video Game Babes of the Week has been modified somewhat! Neocracker managed to get us an account solely for the blogging purposes for this for the Babekeepers to use to update the blog! How exciting is that? Now we need an appropriate icon to use as its avatar.

  10. All we hear is radio ga ga

    I woke up this morning, had a terrible smurfing day, and now I'm seeing Lady Gaga in concert in March. I don't know how this happened. My favorite sexy woman asked me to come with her and I couldn't say no. Eighty five dollars a ticket! I'm too poor for this. I'll have to give up something. I'll give up my almond milk and dinners from my workplace. Ah, there we go.