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  1. Kara no Shoujo Review

    by , 02-26-2015 at 06:15 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    Kara no Shoujo, or Girl in the Shell, is a visual novel developed by Innocent Grey and localized in English by MangaGamer. Primarily, it's a very dark and suspenseful detective story.


    The story of Kara no Shoujo follows Reiji Tokisaka, a private detective, as he investigates a series of bizarre murders in Tokyo. ...
  2. ╣"The Wicked Games" Plot Point Art Concept

    Yes, here's another one for the previous post! an essential plot point, and how morose it would feel when you're experiencing it through the characters' struggles in the plot segment.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6QSEuBa.jpg 
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  3. ╣"The Wicked Games" -- original story banner artwork

    Heh, well so yeah I've decided to put up some art on my profile/blog. This here happens to be my story logo. If any are intrigued about the story, don't hesitate to ask me!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nhe3mZa.jpg 
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    Still have a lot more to add/check around in the project. It is in progress, but there's more ideas I'm working into the separate character plot points/story details and such.
  4. Oh look, a new challenge!

    Remember my 365 days thing? I found it very motivational and noticed I was pretty happy doing it, so I took that and made something new!

    This is essentially my 'bucket list' or 'life goals'! I have a bunch of challenges written down that I need to complete. It won't be a daily thing like the other one but I hope it's still fun and gives me the same joy the last one did

    I'm still open for challenge suggestions (1000 is a lot!) ...
  5. Kara no Shoujo First Impressions

    by , 02-22-2015 at 12:23 AM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    Just a few hours ago, I started reading Kara no Shoujo, or "Girl in the Shell" (no relation to Ghost). So far it's shaping up to be a detective story with you actually being expected to investigate and deduce things. It feels a lot like Ace Attorney Investigations. Been a while since I read something with that particular sort of interaction.

    Just noticed that the "no" symbol is written in Katakana. Huh, weird.
  6. Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus Review

    by , 02-20-2015 at 04:00 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    The "Hate" series, consisting of Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus, was written by Christine Love. Both games are very similar in format and plot and have a quite unique way of telling its story.

    Analogue: A Hate Story

    Analogue: A Hate Story is set in a distant future where Earth is far from being the only place where humans live. The protagonist seems to be a bit of a Space Cowboy, doing investigation missions for random sponsors for a living. One such ...
  7. Happy Chinese New Year! (in -EST)

    Happy Lunar New Year, at least in my time zone!

    Moon cakes for all!
  8. Hate Plus... you're kidding, right?

    by , 02-16-2015 at 10:06 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)

    What... the... smurf...?

    Why would you do that?


    So in a nutshell, Hate Plus thought it was a wonderful idea to be a jerk to fast readers, by having it block itself for TWELVE smurfING HOURS after Day 1 ends until you can continue on to Day 2.


    It's even a smurfing achievement to not skip any of these pointless waiting times over three goddamn playthroughs. ...
  9. Saya no Uta Review

    by , 02-13-2015 at 12:40 PM (Karifean's Blog of Visual Novels)
    Saya no Uta, in English The Song of Saya, is a visual novel developed by Nitroplus, localized in English by JAST USA. If there was ever a novel that deserved a warning that it's "not for the faint of heart", it would be this one.

    I chose Do not obscure grotesque images so a quick warning; there is gory imagery in this blog post. Honestly, if this is what makes you reconsider reading this novel... you probably ...
  10. Why so serious?

    I could be the president of the US and I would talk to you like you're a teammate. Like I know what's appropriate to say and what's not and when the time arises I can be super serious.

    But lighten up. Stop with the ego shield.