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  1. Frustrated Writer Present

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Frustrated writer is so original.

    Technically, I write pretty regularly when it comes to my reviews, but when it comes to the fiction I used to write I've fallen back quite a bit. I was working on a novel, even made it as far as chapter nine, but then I got burnt out and never went back to it. The last time I saw something through to the end that wasn't a review was an old Harry Potter fanfic I wrote in a notebook pencil and all before I even had a computer. Somehow, ...
  2. ToraTravels: 7 Days in Tibet

    After a drunk New Year's Eve in Guiyang, which ended in a fellow Eoffer's bed, my next stop is Chongqing, yet another megacity you've never heard of. I've been told that the girls are hot.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What I found instead was another smoggy, grey industrial mass with Chinese people scurrying around with huge bags on their backs. The city was built on a very hilly landscape and roads are sparse, which means the workers have to go up and down ...
  3. skates!

    so after 10 years i bought myself some inline skates..

    skating is fun.. it would be even more fun if i knew how to break :l

    pizza point doesnt work for me on 'fast' speed, and breaking with 1 foot will end up in catastrophy
  4. 59 Reviews

    In honor of the big six. O. I'm coming to on the 7th I thought I'd go ahead and link to all of the reviews I've done in the past three years. I figured it'd be all right to do in a blog since I saw shion link to hers before. Let me know what you do think if you do take the time to read any of them. Feedback is always welcome and I don't get enough of it.

    1.) Monster Rancher

    2.) Crash Bandicoot

    3.) Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

    4.) Spyro the Dragon ...

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  5. Leaving on a jet plane

    Or a car actually. Tomorrow through next Sunday (bit over a week) I will be gone to Boston to visit my mom. First time driving from South Carolina. I've taken the bus a few times from Ontario, which took about 12-14 hours, and I've had my moms husband drive me, which took about 7-8 hours. The drive will be about 16 or so hours this time. But luckily I will have my boyfriend to keep me company! And we will be staying with his cousin overnight, so that is convenient as well.

    I'm already ...
  6. Ed sorta died...

    So with out really meaning too I dropped off the face of the planet for A while. Between school and being sick, I just didn't do much. But on a high note Ed is now 6 months from graduation!!!
  7. April Lineup

    I tried posting this earlier but the wind kept knocking out the power. It was very annoying. Anyways now that March is pretty much behind us here's my schedule for the Month of April.

    7th: WWF Attitude [PSX]
    14th: Assassin's Creed III [X360]
    21st: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty [PC]
    28th: Final Fantasy VII [PSX]

    And yes, I will be doing a Let's Play thread for VII. Are you excited? I'm excited. (ACIII sucks) but it follows American history! (I rest my ...
  8. That Game Company Collection

    by , 03-29-2014 at 10:06 PM (Wolf Kanno's Crazy Ramblings and Incoherent Statements)
    Haven't done a blog in ages and I wanted to talk about this without starting a thread.

    So I picked up the That Game Company Collection set a while back and finally last December I played through it. I'm not going to bother discussing the cell phones style games cause... yeah... I'll simply focus on the Big 3 that everyone bought the set for.

    flOw - Is and interesting game with some cool dynamics to it. It's pretty short but I'm a busy person and so this is actually a ...
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  9. Home Sweet Home

    I'm home. And this is going to be long.

    Shorty & Jinx were under the impression that I wouldn't be able to go through security and board without a photo ID, but I forgot to mention that I'd already spoken with both the Texas DMV, someone with TSA, -&- Googled info on that kind of situation.

    The lady I spoke with at the DMV so very kindly gave me a fax number and told me she'd be more than happy to fax my file to TSA for me to help prove my identity.
  10. pffff

    Just the blow of hot air in exhaustion. That's all I can must lately.

    I'm apathetic to everything of late but i'm trying not to let that get my eoff duties down. Article article article! Eek. but really is just