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  1. Sephex talks about bullying again because it's late and 3rd shift.

    I have brought this up before, but I am going in a different direciton with it this time. But to recap my other blog on bullying real quick (I didn't take a look so I am going by memory), I feel that I didn't properly defend myself the occasional time I really got picked on. I had an actual bully once back in elementary school where things went a bit too far a couple of times. I will occasionally look up "bully beatdown" videos to vindicate my feelings on that sometimes, it's okay to "lower yourself ...
  2. Bourbon

    Bourbon bourbon.

    Bourbon bourbon bourbon.

    Out of bourbon.

  3. teehehe

    just when i thought i had Japan figured out, they come with this

    its genius really....
  4. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    I'm even stupid in my own dreams. I ruined what should have been a totally erotic dream with my own stupidity.

    I was a 16th century Earl and this super-hot peasant girl came to my manor to beseech my protection, and I was too smurfing stupid to capitalise on the situation.

    Seriously, she was sending out signals left right and center. All the sidelong glances, fiddling with her hair when she talked to me, saying that she'd do anything for protection. Anybody would ...
  5. Parte Deux - Oh happy day! My writing blog is up :D

    by , 03-03-2014 at 07:17 PM (Fynn's positive life blog)
    As you may know, I want to become a writer some day. So this positive life post is dedicated to the fact that I've finally opened a writing blog to post my stories and start building up a reader base. For now I'm posting stories I've posted in the writing prompts thread, but more new material is bound to surface soon

    I would really appreciate it if you guys, followed, shared and gave me any feedback, and I hope to keep you all as entertained as possible

    So here's ...
  6. Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

  7. ToriJ's FF Library

    I was bored and felt like making a list of FF titles played, owned, beat, etc.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Dirge of Cerberus
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy X-2
    Final Fantasy XI
    Final Fantasy XII
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    Final Fantasy Origins
    Final ...

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  8. Fynn's positive life blogs, part jeden (one)!

    by , 02-26-2014 at 10:24 AM (Fynn's positive life blog)
    I've come to realize my life is a pretty happy one. I mean, I've been going through something of a quarter-life crisis lately, but ultimately, I know there's a lot of people out there who have it way harder than me. Some of them on these forums. Some of whom have become my close friends.

    So, considering that, the fact that my popularity here seems to be increasing (seriously, 2 years ago most of my posts got ignored and now I've actually won a Ciddie), and the fact that I need to ...
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  9. trout just got real.

    Itís been an intense week. A hundred people got killed here at the Independence Square in Kiev, I found myself under sniper fire and got my journalism career kickstarted.


    As some ...
  10. Women's Month (video game edition)

    My last review for February is already written, proofed and ready to be published on my blog on the 24th. After that I'm dedicating March (AKA Women's Month) to reviewing games with female leads. The list is as followed:

    Mar 3rd: Tomb Raider [PSX]
    Mar 10th: Metroid Prime [GCN]
    Mar 17th: Bayonetta [X360]
    Mar 24th: The Longest Journey [PC]
    Mar 31st: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey [PC]

    Special thanks to Loony BoB for pointing me in the direction of ...

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