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  1. Riots look like video games

    The whole central square of Kyiv, Ukraine has been turned into a city of tents. Fires are burning in barrels to keep the people warm, as it's -20C during the day. Food is being handed out by volunteers. Politicians hold speeches on the stage. A big screen is covering the side of a building, providing video of the screen to everyone in the crowd. Having just flown in from Bangkok, I try to find a place to sit down and figure out what exactly is going on.

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  2. TIL This Forum Really Hates Male Circumcision

    I was going to post dick pics today, but not anymore. Also, I have called the police about my circumcision and they are on the way to my parent's house to have them arrested.
  3. My Spanish learning blog

    So I had taken a break from many things in my life because of what happened when my son came to visit and I was a sad Panda. But now it is time I move on and focus again towards getting where I want to be. Part of which is learning Spanish! So I will be making/updating a blog frequently with my progress.

    So here are my tools:
    -2 Spanish workbooks, one more advanced than the other.
    -A Spanish in 10 minutes a day CD.
    -Spanish flashcards.
    -150 sticky notes with ...
  4. Eyes on You: Ask Pant Leg Eater from the Bad World anything

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonely Paper Star View Post
    Favorite science field?
    This is really hard.
    I've always liked physics and biology. Because together they make up everything.
  5. Self Employment

    I signed up for Google AdSense a couple of days ago and got approved last night. What this means is there are now ads on my blog like you would see here as a source of revenue for what I do every week, review games. I get paid by the ad clicks and then whatever amount has been racked up by the end of the month they'll transfer to me. I have been wanting to get this set up for a while now, but for whatever reason they wouldn't let me do it before. When I saw this time that I could I jumped on that ...
  6. slowly becomming my bf's mom :l

    My bf lives with me now becaus his school is in my town.

    but i am getting so pissed with that school :S
    they are the first to do that education in this town, so they are the guinea pigs.

    but everything is so disorganised :S

    - they had to get a schooluniform that costs 325 euro's .. yeah, we all have that much money in our pockets at any time
    - lazy teachers. they literally come in 'i dont want to do this class today, go home' ... seriously?
  7. Feburary Lineup

    I have a feeling I'm going to scream like a little girl before this is over,

    Feb 3rd: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II [PC]
    Feb 10th: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem [GCN]
    Feb 17th: Amnesia: The Dark Descent [PC]
    Feb 24th:
    Mass Effect [360]
  8. Geek cred

    So, I taught myself to read and write in Eorzean tonight. As a bonus point, the example I made is saying something geeky!

  9. Hey, there's this thing here. Also, DOGGEHS!

    Why have I not posed a blog yet? *shrug* But I am now! I'm mostly posting this here now because I can't warrant it being a topic of discussion anywhere on the actual forums. Anyway, I'm getting 2 new additional family members (maybe)!

    My roommate's uncle has to move to a nursing home and can't keep these two. The introductions between these two and my cat Maverick....are a bit rocky. Ok, he's being a jerk. Has anyone introduced new pets to a skittish one in their home? My ...
    Personal Life
  10. Just Tonight

    Here we are and I can't think from all the pills, hey
    Start the car and take me home
    Here we are and you're too drunk to hear a word I say
    Start the car and take me home

    Just tonight I will stay
    And we'll throw it all away
    When the light hits your eyes
    It's telling me I'm right
    And if I, I am through
    Then it's all because of you
    Just tonight

    Here I am and I can't seem to see straight
    But I'm too numb to feel right