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  1. 1upsmanship

    Since I discovered that I can afford it (Thanks, Frenchy's), I've been wearing suits to work. Because this started just a week or two before I started watching Doctor Who, many have thought I was wearing bow ties because of the 11th Doctor. This was enhanced because the Doctor started wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch just after I did and it was close enough timingwise to fool most.

    Solution found: I now have an Ascot. Top that, Peter Capaldi.

    My ascot and my ...
  2. Say Something

  3. I Probably Won't Be At the Meet Up.

  4. LadyYuna's Top X Lists (And Maybe Other Things to Be Added)

    I thought on it and realized there's on huge issue with making lists on threads. After a while, they can sometimes be difficult to trace again, even with viewing the user's posting history. If they have more than enough, the task can be easier said than done to relocate. So ... after I finish doing a Top X List, I'm going to copy it here to allow for easier access.

    Without further ado, here's my very first one that I've just completed.

    Top 15 Video Game Villains

    Updated 12-12-2013 at 07:29 PM by LadyYunaFFX2

    Video Games
  5. 43 Reviews & Counting

    I was just looking at the number of reviews I published on my blog (not this blog, the blog I have on Blog Spot) and I saw that I have already reviewed over 40 games already. And that's with a one year and three months hiatus so no telling how many it would be by now had I never gone on that break. Though the break probably did me some good since it gave me a chance to reinvent myself.

    The first 20 games I reviewed were all PlayStation 1 games before I broke the norm by reviewing one ...
  6. Feeling like i got my moneys worth buying a video game for ONCE

    The best feeling that any gamer can get, is fully finishing a video game and feeling like you actually got you're moneys worth for it ^.^ so happy with it, although at the same time I'm kinda sad that I'm finished FF7, it's definitely one of the only games I've ever played that i could just start over again right from scratch and not care about knowing what's gonna happen next. I highly recommend purchasing, playing or even just try having a crack at it. Easily one of the best games I'll ever play ...
  7. I'm gonna be on TV

    An artist friend of mine who is some sort of community person in Franklin is scheduling a video shoot for me at the Franklin Library on Jan 5th.

    This is gonna be very widely distributed, and the news crew from the local TV station is coming out.

    I'm going to do a 1 1/2 to 2 hour set of music...boy am I nervous. O_O;

    Wish me luck, ok? My fragile self-esteem needs it. ;J
  8. Chocobo Breeding FF7

    This is the most frustrating thing i have encountered through the entire game. I go through all this work just to get a few items (actually quite a few of them, some being the best in the whole game). But seriously, this is making me want to jump out of my F%@king window and i haven't even done everything i need to do yet! smurfing trout! -.-
  9. Deciding to share this even if it is a BAD idea xD

    so i have only been here for almost two months but in this time i mention some things in chat probably from habit and people get confused.

    i am really not the kind of person to share stuff like illnesses and what not. why? because i do not want or like people feeling sorry for me. attention grabbing annoys me and constantly crying about how 'bad' your life is just makes me LOL because there is always someone out there worse off then you. those starving kids in otherworld countrys? ...
  10. Crazy

    The mentally ill are often ostracized and relegated to the fringes of society, and in many cases, there is not much that can be done. If someone can't function and take care of their basic needs, then it falls to society to provide measures to care for such people.

    My psychiatrist has said that I am very high-functioning. This means that I stand a good chance of being able to take care of myself, so dropping into oblivion is probably not going to happen to me.

    But seeing ...