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  1. The Spoony Blog #4

    There was a rather unpleasant exchange between me and Mr. Spuuky in EoEO one day about my "insincere descriptions of the beautiful EoFFers" or some such.

    I was very offended, and responded by totally calling him out on the carpet and in public, for which I apologized to him later.

    But just so it may be known to all, I've met a lady (not at EoFF, and not a Final Fantasy player), and we're going out. And I did mean it when I said you ladies are all drop-dead ...
  2. I Dun Goofed!

    Alright, so over the weekend I came on here and was very drunk. However, I was ANGRY drunk. This was due to not necessarily drinking too much, but having more of an intake of alcohol AT ONCE that I normally am I used to.

    I basically was very cynical and negative in a few threads, and in chat, I was downright unreasonable and picking fights/refusing to listen to any reason. Someone could have gave me ten grand or something and I would have found a problem with it and snapped on someone. ...
  3. <3

    This blog post will be short, but I just really wanted to share this: last week my 4-year-old cousin went to my mom and said, "Aunt Stacie, look! Our skin looks the same!"

    My mom sent me this picture that she took of both of their arms:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I just find her innocence very beautiful, and I wish we could all see the world like children do sometimes.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share this with everyone.
  4. The Spoony Blog #3

    I realize there's something incredibly weabooish in making Haohmaru my avatar and then posting the Samurai Creed, but there's a story that goes along with it.

    Any of you guys who've ever been intimidated by your father-in-law have got absolutely nothing on me.

    You see, my father in law was also my [URL=""]sensei.[/URL]

    And this wasn't one of those meat-market, 5-year-olds can come in and play fight on the mat places. ...
  5. The Samurai Creed

    I have no parents; I make the Heavens and the Earth my parents.
    I have no home; I make the Tan T'ien my home.
    I have no divine power; I make honesty my Divine Power.
    I have no means; I make Docility my means.
    I have no magic power; I make personality my Magic Power.
    I have neither life nor death; I make A Um my Life and Death.

    I have no body; I make Stoicism my Body.
    I have no eyes; I make The Flash of Lightning my eyes.
    I have no ears; ...
  6. Interesting note about my personal text.

    Fighters, when they get to a high enough level, can learn healing magic.

    They don't need a class change to do this...try it. I believe they receive MP at about Level 20, but don't quote me on that.

    Updated 08-23-2013 at 05:06 PM by Spooniest

  7. Hola

    As some of you may know, I am soon planning on taking a hiatus from EoFF and focusing on different things. I'm still completing my GeoGuessr event though. So while I'm still here, I figure I can fill you in on some positives in my life.

    I have found these two cute little DS games , My Weight Loss Coach, and My Spanish Coach, and I have to say, they've given me a bunch of motivation.

    I now do a spanish lesson every day or two and in the past week, I have learned: ...

    Updated 08-21-2013 at 08:38 PM by Pumpkin

  8. ooh god!

    there was a big spider on the wall in the hallway a hour ago...
    now its gone!
    ooh god!i left my room door open D:

    ... ill just burn the house...
  9. Bladder Cancer. What!?

    Sooo there's been blood in Jay's urine (he's had to get his pee tested 2x and both times there's been blood in there).

    He has to go back to the doctor tomorrow for an MRI.

    He's already been losing a lot of weight even though he eats -a lot-.


    I'll have his pain pills if they rx them to him though. ha.
  10. I actually updated my Mystic Quest LP