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  1. The Spoony Blog

    I've never run a blog before. I guess there's no wrong way to do it, but...

    Just last Friday, I talked my dad into reconnecting our old internet service, offering to foot the bill myself, as a birthday present for my mom. Her dad died after suffering a stroke on Christmas Eve of last year, and she's been very ill with a thyroid condition as well. We thought if we hooked up the computer she inherited from her father, and got the internet back, she could get on facebook and feel less ...
  2. [App review] Dragon city (smartphone and Facebook games)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rinoa Lover View Post
    Hey hello and welcome to my second mobile app review, this is really good mobile app game all the time with the Dragons you want to train. So the game is lovely and nice to play on your facebook and at the mobile app on Android and Iphone, this game is also playable at the Ipad and Android tablets to play on them. So you can access on your mobile or tablet where you play this game your facebook account, so you can play in two ways on your mobile and tablets also you can play the game on facebook.
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  3. Another one bites the dust.

    And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust.

    Today, I ruptured my posterior cruciate ligament. Again. And the best part? I was WALKING. Walking in a line. Not turning, not twisting, not running, not juking, not getting tackled, not ice skating, not cycling, not falling, not jumping... I was walking. Walking in a line.

    This is the seventh time I've blown out my right knee; the fourth time the PCL has been affected. The first time I shredded ...
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  4. they took my door

    so today i found out that some1 broke into my car..
    they took my door :l

    seriously... they took the door :S
    so far everyone has laughed a bit about it..
    the insurance person on the phone..
    the guy who towed away my car..
    my mom, she is still 'amazed' by it

    the door... they took the door :S
  5. Update

    So it looks like if things go according to plan, my son's trip will be delayed, but he should be here around mid-October to mid-November. Which means he will be here for Halloween !!!!!!!

    Now I would like to dress him up in a pumpkin costume, but I wasn't able to find one when he was younger and now he is old enough to pick his own costume. So if he is here, we will take him costume shopping and see what he wants to wear and hope they have it in his size.

    I'm excited. ...
  6. I'm miserable.

    I really just hate my life right now.

    I try not to be whiney, because constantly talking about how unhappy you are is annoying. I try to let the better side of me--my happier side--show through instead. But today is just bringing all of these emotions to a head.

    • I hate living with my grandma. I know she doesn't care much for me and my mom, so I feel like I'm under constant scrutiny over every little thing I do. I hate that the room I have is so tiny that

    Sharky has agreed to help me save up to bring Michael here for a trip at the end of September. Hopefully I will have a job soon and can pay for most of it myself. But if I can't, at least he is kind enough to pay it for me. Now I just need to convince my mom to pay the other half.

    I hope she doesn't say no to the trip. I mean he's my son, so him visiting is my choice, but if she says no, I'm going to have to pay a cab to go over there and get him and his things and pay for a cab back ...
  8. Danielle, 15th June 2005

    Her first day in chat!

    [21:56] <SmittenKitten> noone would marry me

    wanna bet, lady!?
  9. But You Went Away... How Dare You?

    My very best friend (of nearly 20 years) lost her husband over the weekend.

    It's incredibly heartbreaking and jacked up...

    I've only met the guy face-to-face once, but I've spent quite a few years playfully arguing with him over the phone when he'd call me "Mouth" and ask -why- exactly I needed to talk to my best friend so much.

    It wasn't that we talked a lot, we'd just shoot text messages back and forth and every now and then, and early in the ...
  10. Lori Kilchermann is a yellow journalist

    In a 2012 story on a meth bust, the Ionia Sentinel-Standard, based in Michigan, decided to run a picture of the bust site farmhouse from 2 years earlier, when a political candidate had held a fundraiser. This led to accusations of the Sentinel-Standard and its editor, Lori Kilchermann, engaging in "yellow journalism," or distorting irrelevant details of a story for purposes of sensationalism or partisanship. These detractors also publicly encouraged others to cancel their Sentinel-Standard ...
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