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  1. This is why I don't try to draw.

    I've been in a bad mood all night, so I tried to doodle a cheerful-looking face on a post-it note in order to try to cheer up.

    The more I tried to make it look cheerful, the more it looked like the Prince of Darkness.

    So...I just said f it and drew monster teeth & a hitler mustache on it and now it's my avatar
    bigger version

  2. The Spoony Blog #5

    My new profile pic and avatar are going to stay the way they are...

    This is my family crest. Note that it doesn't have the color blue in it at all.

    This means that the Norrises were and are a peasant family. We would never have been eligible for knighthood, or be allowed into court.

    In fact, some of the first Jamestown settlers were Norrises, so they've been in America since the beginning of colonization. This seems to explain why I'm 1/16 Cherokee, but ...

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  3. Musings on my last night in Russia

    What's it like to be a fattie who doesn't give a smurf and eats whatever he wants? I've had that thought running through my head for a while. Maybe because this whole country has a general atmosphere of nobody giving a smurf.

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    A bag of red kaviar flavored chips. It's not nearly as good as it sounds.

    Two greasy kebabs, a double burger (a great $6 one, though), a troutload of snickers, chips, a bag of chocolate candies, beans, ...
  4. Before Emo, before Goth, there was...


    [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]What else should I be? All apologies.
    What else could I say? Everyone is gay.
    What else could I write? I don't have the right.
    What else should I be? All apologies.

    In the sun, in the sun I feel as one
    In the sun, in the sun
    Married, buried

    I wish I was like you...easily amused.
    Find my nest of salt, everything's my fault.
    I'll take all the blame, ...

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  5. Laguna is awesome

    Sure, he was never the father to Squall that he wanted to be, but he was stuck being the president of Esthar and trying to keep Adel under lock and key and all that trout.

    He feels bad, but there was nothing he could have done.

    This is a guy who cares so much about those he loves that he went up against Adel, an omnipotent Sorceress who looks like she could break him between her fingers like a toothpick...with nothing but his wits.

    Laguna kicks smurfing ...
  6. that mini heart attack

    as i was getting up in the morning, i walked downstairs and had some lunch..
    then i emptied out my bowl in the sink and all the the sudden.. a heart attack!!... that giant spider that i lost a view days ago was staring at me in the freaking sink.

    i think he is playing a game with me, showing up once in a while to scare me..

    there have no doors been missing so far
  7. srs bzns fyi

    I hate the fact that I am making a blog entry for this.

    Rantz and I are no longer seeing eachother. We mutually ended things last week after some discussion, but we are still great friends and hope to remain that way.

    It's awkward when people talk to me as if we are still together when they don't know, so I guess I hope this entry will serve as a sort of preventative maintenance for the future.
    Personal Life
  8. The Spoony Blog #4

    There was a rather unpleasant exchange between me and Mr. Spuuky in EoEO one day about my "insincere descriptions of the beautiful EoFFers" or some such.

    I was very offended, and responded by totally calling him out on the carpet and in public, for which I apologized to him later.

    But just so it may be known to all, I've met a lady (not at EoFF, and not a Final Fantasy player), and we're going out. And I did mean it when I said you ladies are all drop-dead ...
  9. I Dun Goofed!

    Alright, so over the weekend I came on here and was very drunk. However, I was ANGRY drunk. This was due to not necessarily drinking too much, but having more of an intake of alcohol AT ONCE that I normally am I used to.

    I basically was very cynical and negative in a few threads, and in chat, I was downright unreasonable and picking fights/refusing to listen to any reason. Someone could have gave me ten grand or something and I would have found a problem with it and snapped on someone. ...
  10. <3

    This blog post will be short, but I just really wanted to share this: last week my 4-year-old cousin went to my mom and said, "Aunt Stacie, look! Our skin looks the same!"

    My mom sent me this picture that she took of both of their arms:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I just find her innocence very beautiful, and I wish we could all see the world like children do sometimes.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share this with everyone.