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  1. fuss fuss

    Copied from Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by shion
    You know what bothers me? People who drive manual cars and have some kind of superiority complex and insult people who drive automatics. It's a car. Sure it's an extra skill to have but you don't have to lord it over people's heads if the can't do it. For most people, driving a manual car has very little bearing on how successful they are in life, or how good of people they are. "If you drive an automatic, you aren't a real man." What does that
  2. q

  3. I need to cheer up.

    But I lack the motivation.
  4. What I sound like

  5. Limits

    I wonder how much booze I have to drink and at what rate to get past the point of alcohol poisoning straight into death?
  6. Welcome to the snacks/skt show!

    So let's begin where we left off eh?

    Last we left our hero he was in a harrowing situation with 4th down and no time outs left, it was looking bad for the kid, it looked like the end. So let's see how he's doing now.

    <interviewer> Hi skt can you tell me how it's going?

    <skt> I didn't sign up for this smurf mothersmurf smurf smurf *turns camera away*

  7. Workout journal (week 1)

    So I'm really hating my flabby stomach, and have decided that I am going to up the exercise. I think I'm already eating about as healthy as I'm going to without going crazy.

    So from now on, here is what I am going to do:
    -Gym, twice a week. Three if very motivated on certain weeks.
    -Weight lifting (a measly 10 lbs, 5 lbs in each hand because I'm weak) every day, 50 lifts and then 25 lifts with squats. I will up it to 10 every week. After I reach 100 lifts with squats, I ...

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  8. ZOMGZ You're Driving Me Insane.

    I can't deal with this bs.

    Dude is in the Army , right. And he hates it.

    Ok fine, you hate it, but it's still you're f***ing -job-. You still have to do it and you're stuck anyway, so you might as well freaking do the ish -right-.

    Does he? Nope. He uses every excuse he can to get out of working - extends doctor's appointments, makes -up- doctor's appts. He even used my appt for my abortion as an excuse to get out of work and I didn't even -want- him there. ...
  9. woef woef

    i barked to my dog yesterday.. i have no idea what i said, but i think i promised him something, or maybe he was just so exited that after all this time i Do speak his languag..
    he got exited and jumped up to lick my face..

    how do i explain to my dog that i dont know what i said?
  10. :(

    So, my first (legit) ex-girlfriend found out a couple days ago that she has HPV, and it's probably the cancerous kind, and I'm crying about it.

    This is one of the sweetest girls I've ever known, and something so troutty couldn't have happened to someone less deserving of it. She'll probably need half of her cervix amputated, and now she may not have an opportunity to be a mommy in the future.

    I don't even know how to really react to this. I can absolutely support her in ...
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