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  1. ZOMGZ You're Driving Me Insane.

    I can't deal with this bs.

    Dude is in the Army , right. And he hates it.

    Ok fine, you hate it, but it's still you're f***ing -job-. You still have to do it and you're stuck anyway, so you might as well freaking do the ish -right-.

    Does he? Nope. He uses every excuse he can to get out of working - extends doctor's appointments, makes -up- doctor's appts. He even used my appt for my abortion as an excuse to get out of work and I didn't even -want- him there. ...
  2. woef woef

    i barked to my dog yesterday.. i have no idea what i said, but i think i promised him something, or maybe he was just so exited that after all this time i Do speak his languag..
    he got exited and jumped up to lick my face..

    how do i explain to my dog that i dont know what i said?
  3. :(

    So, my first (legit) ex-girlfriend found out a couple days ago that she has HPV, and it's probably the cancerous kind, and I'm crying about it.

    This is one of the sweetest girls I've ever known, and something so troutty couldn't have happened to someone less deserving of it. She'll probably need half of her cervix amputated, and now she may not have an opportunity to be a mommy in the future.

    I don't even know how to really react to this. I can absolutely support her in ...
    Personal Life
  4. So I watched The New Girl

    I was told it was a show about a social awkward girl in her 20's and I'm leke, hey, I'm a socially awkward girl in her 20's (at least I am now, I didn't used to be) but no. No, it's about a pretty attractive girl in her 20's who's cute and funny and fun to be around. Didn't help at all.

    It was pretty funny though.
  5. I Need A Haircut. Bad.

    It's been over a year since it's been cut and the ends look like puuuuureeeee mierda.

    At it's longest point in the back, it's just to my waist. Not to mention, I can tie that beesh up in a knot without any hair ties or bobby pins and it will stay securely in place with a little short nub of a ponytail left over. As much as I love my hair and I -hate- cutting it 'cuz it means I won't be able to do the bun/knot thing, but it's getting annoying. I also shed like a Newfoundland dog in the ...
  6. Oh You Wanna Be 5 Years Old?

    ..... That's fine. I'm not gonna put up with it.

    This guy gets pissy 'cuz I bought groceries and spent all the money on food and couldn't buy him a GD pack of cigarettes .... When he lost the pack we had earlier.

    And he continued being an asshole and I told him I'm not doing this in front of my child. I tried to be nice and make up, but he just kept getting in a bad mood again.

    So I'm done. He walked out the door, wouldn't tell me where he was going in spite ...
  7. shion ruins dinners

    I didn't mean to. I went to the dinner thing with my boyfriend at his friends house and it wasn't too good. I feel so awkward and out of place. I see them and see that that's how normal people act and I feel like a freak. I just wanted to suck up in a ball and cry.

    And then I found out a friend of mine was in a car accident. She will be okay, but she hurt her head and shoulder so she will be in the hospital for a few days.

  8. Commercial

    there is a commercial on tv that really anoys me.
    everything these days seems to be about how many calories there is in something.

    in the commercial there is a woman in a car and (i guess) her subconcious or something (a 2nd her)
    and that subconcious is like: 'are you really going to the beach like this? you need to shave leggs, lose some weight etc

    Once they are on the beach the woman takes her clothes off (so that she will be in bikini) and the subconcious ...
  9. My little sister just made the greatest post on the internet that I've ever seen

    and I'm so proud of her that I absolutely have to share it.

    Context: troutty events going in in the world (see: Greece persecuting transsexuals) and someone (my ignorant as trout best friend) responding with some trout about how Obama is responsible for all of the perils of the US and we should be focused on that and not other countries' misfortunes.

    See, in this country, we have internet, we have food, we have social welfare, we have schools. We may have a disgruntled
  10. CT a parable, Robo is Magus

    [QUOTE=Del Murder;3279470]Isn't Robo too jovial to be like Magus?[/QUOTE]
    I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. I'm not really sure what you might be referring to, but Robo is often emotional and has a greater sense of duty than self. Their is no such thing as pride without joy, I think you are confusing the two words here.