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  1. Procrastination of the highest degree.

    The following entry brought to you by: copypasta

    But it's true. I was supposed to have turned in my hourly associate reviews by this morning, aaaaaaand I kinda haven't even started on them. Granted, as long as MY boss gets them before the start of business Monday, it's all fine. But when you set a soft cap deadline of Friday night, and then Saturday night comes and goes and you don't even start on a thing, well... yeah. I'm a little bad about that, I suppose.

    Personal Life
  2. My recipe book

    My recipe book is coming along nicely. I have a goal of 300 recipes and I have over 200 now . I find my recipes from cookbooks, magazines, websites, other people, family recipes, and my own recipes that I've come up with. I haven't even made all of the ones in the cookbook and I'm excited to try them.

    In case anyone is curious, here are the recipes I have. I would be glad to give them away if any look interesting .

    Breakfast Dishes
    Baked Ham and Cheese Omelet Roll
  3. Would you like a copy of FTL: Faster Than Light?

    SC2 events seemed to fail to coalesce, so anyone interested in winning a copy of FTL: Faster Than Light on Steam just go to the events thread below and post. I'll be doing the draw on Friday and we're having an FTL get together this weekend which will include a special guest.
  4. assassins creed

    i really love AC, but after i have seen what they did with AC3 i have my doubts if i will even get the next one.

    they give you half a story and the rest can be bought in the PS3-store as a DLC.
    how cheap is that?

    it just really annoys me!

    But i love AC to much not to buy it
  5. Fetuses that look like babies

    We had a second ultrasound yesterday. It was pretty freaking great for a few good reasons.

    1. We got to see an actual baby looking baby in there. It's only been four weeks since the first ultrasound but that kid's grown so much. S/he's gone from a little bean shaped thing to a little bean shaped thing with limbs. I believe I saw a nose as well!

    2. The kid's a dancin' fool. Our OB had a student shadowing him and he let her play with the wand thing during the show. She ...
  6. Should be sleeping!

    I have to get up at 5:20 tomorrow morning to chaperone a field trip for some underclassmen and I should be asleep by now but INTERNET IS SO DISTRACTING

    I realize I'm on here so sporadically. I have a crappy attention span, I guess, and there's always some new website I want to join only to forget about it in a week. EoFF should feel special that I at least bother to check up every few months xD so I guess I'll make an update about my life, if anyone cares.

    I'm a senior ...
  7. An atheist minister

    One of my former co-workers just became a legally ordained atheist minister.

    Literally anyone can become a legally ordained minister by filling out a web form from

    I considered doing the same thing myself, but I am not, at present, sufficiently intoxicated.
  8. April Steam events: join for your chance to win free games

    Nope, I am not suddenly a spam bot (as far as I know).

    I just wanted to mention for those that don't usually pay much attention to the Steam events that this month we're doing something a bit different. If you're able to join in for some games of Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm tomorrow, or FTL: Faster Than Light a few weeks from now, you'll have the chance to win FTL and the original Deus Ex.

    You can check the thread linked below for the details. It should be lots ...
  9. Damn it. This isn't serious btw.

    Some of the best humor based replies I think of is when I am browsing EoEO.
  10. Leaving on Thursday

    I am leaving to go visit my mom and son on Thursday. I am extremely happy to go see my son. It has been too long. I hear him talking in the background on the phone and when I last some him he was saying words, but not speaking full sentences yet, so I'm very excited. He can also recite most of the alphabet now.

    He's going to have a birthday party, which I think will be good for him, because he's a very social little boy. He likes to play with other children and share toys with ...