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  1. For serious...

    My family is beyond the point of being messed up. First off, the three boys in the family all have some sort of problems. I have my kidney failure problem, and I have no sort of job or whatever, but I'm subjectively doing fine, albeit I may be seen as lazy or whatnot. My two younger brothers, are probably faring less well than I am. The middle brother, he's out in Colorado, and from what I hear, he's on the verge of losing a place to live and becoming homeless. My youngest brother, he's having legal ...
  2. Really? Like... For Real?

    So. I spam around on another FF forum and tra-la-la, I'm thinking everything's.... Ok. Decent, fun, whatever... For being a graveyard.

    Until the subject of Tipping servers in the United States vs. Other Countries (like New Zealand) comes up.

    And because I've been a server for like -ever-, I know the deal. I guess no one else has ever worked in a restaurant over on that place 'cuz they're like "I think it's rude to accept a tip" and I'm like "uhhh... Not when ...
  3. Quiero Cerveza Ahora.

    I have been cleaning non-stop for. A really long time.

    My back hurts more than it usually does and I'm all hot & sweaty.

    I try. I really do -try- to keep this place clean, but this animal I live with insists on throwing his clothes and shoes everywhere and leaving a string of beer cans behind wherever he goes.

    I mean, I know I shouldn't whine about it 'cuz I'm not working right now, but I mean jeebus. I cook 3 squares a day for a person who's the size ...
  4. Majora's Mask (My first article :D)

    Majora's Mask
    Now don't get me wrong, Square Enix makes some great games. But today I want to focus on one of my all time favorites: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask!

    This game came out for the Nintendo 64 system in 2000. It was the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    Majora's Mask has always stayed with me, ever since I played it back when it came out. I would
  5. doop doop

    A lot of things are getting to me lately, and in some cases a little more than I care to admit publically. Some things are making me paranoid, and almost everything is making me stressed out. I suppose I'll make a vague attempt at listing them off and going through each thing one by one. This is a venting, people. I don't need help or anything, I just like the weird little idea in my head that someone out there is aware of my thoughts.

    Firstly, my job might be gone in October. ...
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  6. Information is the enemy

    [I wanted to rant on this issue, but I figured EoEO might be tired of my anti-Obama speeches. Though it is his fault for continuing to give me so much material. ]

    To the government, information is the enemy. That is why the US government has demonized Wikileaks, because it threatens to shame governments for their misconduct. So-called issues of “national security” may have merit on certain, specific occasions, but the broad way the label is used makes it clear that that is not the ...

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  7. On martinis

    Here is the correct way to make a martini:

    Fill a metal tumbler with ice.
    Add a capful of vermouth and shake the crap out of it
    Pause for a couple of minutes to allow a small amount of icemelt -- you want a bit of interaction between the vermouth and the icemelt.
    Put a lid on the tumbler and strain out the vermouth -- pour the excess vermouth right down the drain.
    Add 2 shots of gin (for a proper martini) or vodka (if you're a communist).
    Once again, ...
  8. Eyes on Pop Culture and Aesthetics - Genius Party

    For all of y'all into animation dealing with the surreal, amazing imagery and the dreariness of life in a consumer society, Genius Party should be an interesting watch.

    This short animation anthology combines visual elements of industrialism, postmodern urban life, with a search for the extraordinary. Often taking place on the outskirts of society, representing itself as factories and abandoned buildings at the edge of the city. Some of the works take a more subtle approach by placing ...

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  9. vhadsfsadhgdssadhg1355555 55555555555555

    Die monster, you don't belong in this forum!

    It's was not by my hand that I was once again given Mod privileges. I was brought here by...members...who wish to pay me tribute!

    Tribute?! You mod all our posts! Editing what you say!

    Perhaps the same could be said of ALL forums...

    Your posts are as empty as your threads, this community ill needs a mod such as you!

    WHAT IS A MOD?! A miserable little pile of edits! Enough typing, ...
  10. More baby news.

    It's a girl!

    We think. The doctor said he was 90% sure. Normally I'd like those odds, but for a split second I thought I saw a little something extra in between those legs, and then he shifted the wand thing and it was gone. I think he's in cahoots with the woman.

    90% is a lot of %, but even so, I think I'll wait until the next ultrasound confirms it before I start picking out outfits and junk. In about eight weeks we get to see a 3D ultrasound, and ...
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