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  1. Arts arts

    I've started sketching more lately and I'm really enjoying myself. I have this like.... mana bar. If I don't art for a while it builds up! Then I'll art a little bit and then it's gone. But when it's full my artistic ability is awesome! Better than before even though I didn't practice.

    I have had a deviant art for ages (8 years) but I sporadically post on there. I think i'm going to try to art more and post more there. It's really hard to even get noticed there as an artist though. ...
  2. Tomodachi Life

    Later this week, I'm planning on getting Tomodachi Life for the 3DS.

    This game is for the 3DS. It's said to be similar to the Sims and Animal Crossing, but it looks pretty fun to play. I want to create an island full of Miis of fellow EoFFers, so if you are interested of being a citizen in this game, hit up! I need several information, so fill these out for me as well.
  3. This Month for shion

    I had a very eventful month with my 365 things in 365 days. Here is what I did in May!

    I organized my desk and have done a good job of keeping it that way
    I messaged a member I don't know very well in an attempt to get to know them better, and didn't receive much success
    I tried a new kind of bakery bread and very much enjoyed it
    I went to a fair and had a lot of fun, and even won a teddy bear
    I tried a new flavored water ...
  4. Bizarro World

    What year is it? Because I just passed a video rental store and now I'm concerned that I may have fallen into a time vortex without noticing.

    I also got off work early today, the probability of which has been a running joke at work pretty much since Ted Rogers died. (As in: it doesn't happen anymore, and hasn't happened since Ted's day.)

    With all of my extra leisure time, I decided to have an aimless walk around town. That's when I saw the video store.
  5. June Lineup

    Settle down, Pike.

    2nd: Magic Knight Rayearth [SNES]
    9th: Secret of Evermore [SNES]
    16th: Super Mario RPG [SNES]
    23rd: The Last of Us [PS3]
    30th: Deadpool [PS3]

    Look out for secret.
  6. that last little bit.

    Ok so I've been gone. I'm in my Sr year of school and honestly it's kicking my butt. I was suppose to graduate in Sept but the school messed up and hasn't scheduled me for a class I have to take before I can graduate, and I failed a class and have to retake it, so yeah things got pushed back to Nov, which isn't too bad, I mean it'll be a nice birthday gift from the school to get that diploma! anyway, that's where i've been mostly up to my elbows in school work. Blargh….
  7. Tennessee

    I will be spending a weekend in Eastern Tennessee at some point and I was wondering what kind of affordable things there are to do in the area. Any suggestions?
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  8. ToraTravels: A-party-heid in Israel

    My last night in Tel Aviv happened to be on Israel’s Independence day, which is on a different date every year. From what I knew before about Goa parties, LSD and MDMA, the Israelis love to party and the night of Independence Day confirmed this idea. Tel Aviv was going crazy. Similar to Memorial Days and Victory Days in Europe, the previous day is one of mourning en remembrance of the dead, and in the morning they sound the air alarms in commemoration. The next day is one of celebration. From what ...

    Updated 05-20-2014 at 09:57 PM by kotora

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  9. Up!

    Bitch moved out yesterday.

    I didn't think to make her give her keys back. I texted her and told her we need them like yesterday. And she also still owes us $100. She's expecting a package or something though, so.

    She left with the married French guy which made us LOL cuz yeah.

    So we're alllooooonnneeee now! I'm so ecstatic.
    I took a bath and left the door wide open. Kitty tried to save me. haha. She grabbed my fingers in her mouth and tried to pull ...

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  10. Bad dream

    I dreamt that my son passed away. It was a horrible dream and it felt so real. I am very shaken up now.