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  1. Save Meeee!

    There was a home invasion robbery in my city this morning. In broad daylight.

    This is scary because my city is all of four blocks.

    Villa Park is a nice place to live. The average age here is 43, and the homes are all listed for about a million dollars. There ain't no million dollar homes in the surrounding blocks though.

    I have a panic button on my side of the bed. ;D
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  2. Attention: Gears of War

    I am just dying to get all the multi-player achievements for Gears of War, but I don't actually have any reliable xblive friends that can help me. If you're a 360 player and wanna help me out or need the achievements yourself let me know or take a look here.

  3. Christopher Hitchens

    This evening Christoher Hitchens came to William & Mary to debate with a professor (Professor and former army officer Lawrence Wilkerson) on Middle East policy, that was to be followed by an equal length question-and-answer session, where students could send in questions on any topic. I was excited to see Hitchens, one of the world's most famous atheists, as he is always entertaining -- and this may be my last chance to see him live, because he has terminal cancer. And it was extraordinarily ...

    Updated 09-28-2010 at 05:13 AM by Raistlin

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  4. An announcement and a movie

    Announcement: 6 days left for best of final fantasy!

    Movie: I watched the new Resident Evil over the weekend, AMAZING ACTION, including a fight with an Executioner, but the ending very much confused me, especially the second ending...
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  5. Formula One - As of Singapore

    Last fortnight's podium tips were a big fail. I got two of them right, but in the wrong places. And Lewis Hamilton ended up not finishing at all.

    Which I suppose, is the big talking point this week in F1 - the circumstances behind Hamilton's crash with Mark Webber. People could be forgiven for thinking by now that Mark Webber is a great big crash magnet. In his early years in F1, he built a reputation for qualifying well but not finishing due to carelessness, poor car realibility ...
  6. Fantasy Football - Week 3

    Time for another update on my progress in the EoFF fantasy football league (or lack thereof).

    I officially declare that I am not good at fantasy football. I only ever do good based on luck and the fact that I'm not an idiot. Those two are really all you need to win fantasy football.

    I've made some key mistakes this year in my draft that are based on my principles of fantasy baseball (future blog entry?) which just don't work in football. It's only week 3 so I won't ...
  7. Half past nine

    It's night, the sun is down. WHY IS IT STILL HOT?!

    smurf you, Mother Nature. Get off your rag and give me appropriate weather for smurfing fall, you had your chance with summer and you blew it.
  8. Vote!

    I got my "California General Election" booklet in the mail. It's smurfing difficult. I don't feel qualified to make half of these decisions.

    The first thing to vote on is prop 19, which would legalize marijuana for personal use. That's an easy yes.

    Prop 20 moves the responsibility to determine the boundaries of California's districts from the House or Reps to the Citizens Redistricting Commission. Bwuh? We need a whole commission for redistricting? How did ...
  9. 3:41 in the AM

    I was writing a blog, but it was lame, so I deleted it and am writing this instead.

    I'm a little bit drunk, but it's one of those drunk spells where you've just been drinking consistently most of the day, and you never really get hammered at any time. I usually hate that kind of drinking, I don't see the point, but here I am, doing it anyway.

    If you want proof...well it's now 3:51, would it have taken a sober person 10 minutes to write this?
  10. Look at the wall. Look at me. Look at the wall. Now back to me.

    I am on a half hour work break (during my ten hour Saturday shift), and I'm spending it looking at purses online.

    I am just too freakin' cool, guys. Too. Freakin'. Cool.
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