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  1. blargh

    I need surgery on my nose. Again. Blargh.
  2. Darksiders

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    Because nothing quite says Halloween like the Four Horsemen, angels, demons, the apocalypse and the complete and utter destruction of mankind. It's Darksiders! Available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, Darksiders was developed by Vigil Games–

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    Vigil. Not Virgil.

    And published by THQ. You play as War, the first of the Four Horsemen who answers the call ...
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  3. Lonely Single Viera's memorable Memoirs Issue #3

    Breakfast today was coffee.
    I drink it with hazelnut creamer.

    But I can't afford hazelnut creamer

    Spent 4 hours at work today organizing a stack of hundreds of business cards.

    Then I had mashed potatoes for lunch.

    After work I went to the store to buy some poptarts.

    I also bought a bag of pretzels.
    I love pretzels.

    For dinner I had Borscht.
    I'm just pulling your leg I don't even know what that ...
  4. Dark Souls

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    Dark Souls is an action role-playing game developed by From Software and published by Bandai. It was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011 and became available for the PC one year later. And because of its theme including soul stealing, undead and a difficulty setting that has left gamers screaming in horror, I thought Dark Souls would be the perfect way to begin this year's Halloween Month. So without further ado let's dive into the Xbox 360 ...

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  5. mwahhaha, Loony BoB is a meanie.

    Who's responsible for this? It can't be BoB! The individual forums work fine, btw.

    Edit: It's Shorty's fault.

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  6. I Got Mah Boots!

    Why the hell did I have to get cursed with humongous calves!?

    These boots are so cute, but they're so tight on my calves it's like a 2nd skin! I couldn't even wear leggings or jeggings with them!

    I guess it doesn't matter though since there's absolutely no sign of cooler weather on the horizon anyway.

    On the other hand, I -am- for real going on an intense diet starting Monday .. maybe I'll lose some weight down there... We'll see. I kinda doubt it, but. ...
  7. Lonely Single Astronaut's memorable Memoirs ~Day 2

    Today for breakfast I had a poptart.
    The package said wildberry, but it tasted like grapes.

    For lunch I had a sandwich and a glass of milk that I had to sneak into my old house to get because the only thing to drink at my house is a half liter of Root Beer.

    Later I accidentally scraped a borrowed truck against a fence. The owner wants me to buff the scrapes by hand until it looks like normal.

    I dropped a can of cream corn on my foot. Thankfully Most ...
  8. Now I Know Where I Stand.

    I talked to my mom today and she told me that she came to Nashville, stayed with my sister, then went on to the garage/property she & my dad still own in my hometown to get more stuff and clean it out.

    She told me not to get mad or upset about it, and I didn't.... Not on the phone with her anyway.

    But it really upsets me that she didn't say anything. I could have gone with her to help. We all could have met somewhere for dinner.

    I'm the only one of ...
  9. Lonely Single Guys memorable Memoirs ~Day 1

    I had a poptart for breakfast.
    It was flavorless.

    After work I looked in my fridge, to find that the only things in it were a half liter of root beer and some grape jelly.

    Today I did a load of laundry. All of my clothing fit in that one load.

    For dinner I'm going to have a waffle I found in the bottom of the freezer along with some twizzlers.

    ~ The end of day one.

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  10. weird dream

    i am going to tell you about this weird dream i had last night, becaus i can stil remember a big part of it!

    it was very late, pitch black and i saw some fire/smoke in the far distance so i got in my car and drove there. on my way i saw some silhouetes of bears crossing the street and cars and more when i realised that i did not had any lights on.
    so i put them on.

    when i got on my destination it turned out that it were Oil 'platforms' (wich is a reference to the ...