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  1. pffff

    Just the blow of hot air in exhaustion. That's all I can must lately.

    I'm apathetic to everything of late but i'm trying not to let that get my eoff duties down. Article article article! Eek. but really is just


  2. The Universe Hates Me .

    So on top of my tail bone -still- hurting and my inability to sit up for longer than 10 minutes at a time, I've been lucky enough to start the monthlies.

    Sorry. Gross. I know.

    And along with that comes the even worse than usual lower back pain and my knees getting slightly swollen and hard to deal with (more pain. From an accident my mom and I were in when I was 19).

    Packing has to get done today.. Along with printing off my planes tickets at the laundromat ...
  3. Things Doge2048 Taught Me About Life

    -Sometimes you will make mistakes. They can turn out beneficial in the long run.
    -If you stop focusing on things so much and kind of go with the flow, it can lead to good things.
    -Sometimes you have to wait for the right piece of the puzzle to come along, no matter how long it seems to take.
    -Plans don't always work out and that's okay.
    -Sometimes things sort themselves out.
    -Comparing your score (life) to others can make you feel bad ...
  4. Another funny vid id like to share

  5. workin' out workin' out barbie YEAH

    yeah this jam was the trout when i was six

    I've been to the gym three times (hurt my neck and had to take today off ) but I've already noticed a change in my body. Rob and I have been eating much much healthier. I haven't had anything sugary to drink in over a week, and we've been eating a lot of lean meat and veggies. I've been lifting weights and walking--and even in three visits, I've noticed my endurance is much, much better.

    I'm ...
  6. Up All Night

    I'm seriously debating starting to stay up all night, doing all of my stuff at night, and sleeping all day. That way, I won't be so lonely until my boyfriend gets home from work.

    Also, I have a blog now. Anyone is welcome to read it and I just appreciate anyone taking the time to even look at it.

    I'm going to try to write or find something to do.
  7. Confession time

    I keep forgetting how well-educated one of my drinking buddies is because she's a woman.

    The weird part is that she's totally "one of the guys" and I'd forget she was a girl if not for the fact that she was moderately attractive.

    I got smurfing SCHOOLED tonight and I deserved it.

    ITT: castigate the moron.
  8. Sephex talks about bullying again because it's late and 3rd shift.

    I have brought this up before, but I am going in a different direciton with it this time. But to recap my other blog on bullying real quick (I didn't take a look so I am going by memory), I feel that I didn't properly defend myself the occasional time I really got picked on. I had an actual bully once back in elementary school where things went a bit too far a couple of times. I will occasionally look up "bully beatdown" videos to vindicate my feelings on that sometimes, it's okay to "lower yourself ...
  9. Bourbon

    Bourbon bourbon.

    Bourbon bourbon bourbon.

    Out of bourbon.

  10. teehehe

    just when i thought i had Japan figured out, they come with this

    its genius really....