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  2. A Bass cover of Caramelldansen I did

    I thought I'd put it up in a blog as self pimping songs and covers in threads with no reason or subject other than "Look at this!" isn't really what I want to do with this... Ironic kinda that back in the hey day I was a notorious spamming dickbutt. XP

    Anyways here's a cover I did as a request from some friends of one of the most jumpy and overtly happy songs I've ever heard. I got a backing track from guitar pro and fiddled with the RSE instruments ...
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  3. A Little Something About My Band, Culloden

    I write, I play bass and I sing for a band, a Heavy Metal band and it is called Culloden. Originally it was because no one else could do the job properly or would bother that I started singing and I've never been a good bass player, I've been inspired by bassists who play the bass like the guitar for crying out loud!
    I've been plucking, bashing, shouting, screaming, chanting, forcing my way through the ranks of skill, you can say I've been grinding, a lot to reach a level I can face the next ...
  4. ´my´translated music video

    Alright ^^ so i just finished putting the subs under the video and im finaly done.
    Sinds its hard to find english translated videos from Utada Hikaru i decided to make them myself!!
    Now i just hope that youtube doesnt mute or block it :o

    the video is not that much of a big deal, but even though im proud of it :3

    if anyone sees any reason for Youtube to mute/block it, than please let me know :O
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  5. Introduce me to some somewhat obscure music.

    Go on. I do love music by artists that are well known in their area but not huge enough to be global. At the moment, some of my favourite stuff to listen to includes Alphabeat, The Naked and Famous and The Feelers. Gimme the names of some other bands and artists that don't have any US/UK top 10 hits, stuff like that. I'm talking bands that get to around 20-30 with some of their singles and not much better. Maybe even far worse. But still good stuff, obviously. Go go go.

    I am ...