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  1. Activity will take a hit

    Last night on the toilet the following thoughts entered my mind: Just give up. You'll never finish a book and you'll never be a published author. So now I have to write a book and get it published to stick it to my inner monologue. Between that and the weekly reviews my posting on here will be cut in half as I want to focus on my writing. I love you guys, but you can be very distracting when people want to be productive.

    I'll catch you guys later.
  2. Frustrated Writer Present

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Frustrated writer is so original.

    Technically, I write pretty regularly when it comes to my reviews, but when it comes to the fiction I used to write I've fallen back quite a bit. I was working on a novel, even made it as far as chapter nine, but then I got burnt out and never went back to it. The last time I saw something through to the end that wasn't a review was an old Harry Potter fanfic I wrote in a notebook pencil and all before I even had a computer. Somehow, ...
  3. Japanese Authors Are Required to Be Weird

    I don't know if its the translation that's making it all vague and etheral-like but these Japanese authors are really strange to read!

    Banana Yoshimoto
    Haruki Murakami
    Natsuo Kirino
    Junichiro Tanzaki
    Ueda Akinari - But I love him most of all

    It makes me think the Japanese are hiding something pyschotic in their subconscious levels.
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  4. You Deserve to Be Eaten by Zombies

    Pop quiz!

    The barriers against the zombies is breeched, and your village is overrun. You manage to escape with your older brother, best friend, betrothed, your love, a random first grader, and your dog. After a few days, you find another town, but it has also been overrun by zombies. You and your love make it to a house, while the rest of your party gets up in a tree house. There is a platform on the roof that once had a rope bridge to the treehouses, but it has been cut and now hangs ...
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