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  1. New Camera, Lousy Mic

    A few of you know I started doing video reviews of late, and while I got a new camera I'm running into a boat load of problems with it, among other things. Here's a quick video explaining my situation:

  2. Branching Out

    I have some good news, and bad news, so I'll start off by getting the bad news out of the way.

    The bad news is that after much thought I'm not doing those other articles even as a weekly thing. I don't have the drive to do them anymore. They were fun for a while as an experiment, but I ran out of ideas pretty quickly. However, I'll still be branching out to new fields.

    This brings me to the good news. There have been something I wanted to do for a while now, but it ...
  3. BoB and I are having a race

    For Top Poster.

    I will be the number one spammer!
  4. Back in business

    Some of you may remember my little rant aimed at Google AdSense, well some good news: I was looking through some alternatives and discovered Infolinks. I applied for them and just got accepted today, so I'm back in business! Woohoo! If you see any text as links your browser didn't go and install an add-on you didn't ask for, it's just me.
  5. ToriJ #1

    I'm screenshotting this now because it will probably be gone when I get up.

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  6. Self Employment

    I signed up for Google AdSense a couple of days ago and got approved last night. What this means is there are now ads on my blog like you would see here as a source of revenue for what I do every week, review games. I get paid by the ad clicks and then whatever amount has been racked up by the end of the month they'll transfer to me. I have been wanting to get this set up for a while now, but for whatever reason they wouldn't let me do it before. When I saw this time that I could I jumped on that ...