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  1. How is President Trump not some Americans' President?

    I don't want to sound like "captain obvious", but America voted this guy in. In my opinion the only person that had a greater chance to beat him, was Sanders and you voted him out. Now lets not get into a debate, although that's only because I'm not here for that.

    But you know I love debates.

    So I am going to debate these protests that are happening all over America, you can follow it on Twitter #NotMyPresident.

    To me it just seems like whenever ...
  2. Final Fantasy VII[My most hated game, yet I can't get enough of it]

    Final Fantasy VII.

    Everytime I hear these word I somehow get excited yet heartbroken. You see, I'm a person who wears her heart on her sleeve whenever it comes to anime or like FFVII. I just don't like the romance aspect of FFVII. It's left too ambigous.That's why I hate it because of the LTD great controversy.

    I'm a person more inclined on the romance aspect of FFVII. That's why I get frustrated when it comes to the biggest debate in the world of FF.

    But still, ...
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  3. "My god, Scalia did something right!!!!!"

    One thing that really annoys me is when completely oblivious people make adamant, absolute claims that are entirely bogus. Regarding the Supreme Court, this comes often from liberal, very partisan, wannabe commentators who only whine about the conservative corporate shills (because NONE of the Democratic elite does what any large corporation wants).

    For instance, today the Supreme Court struck down a California law which prohibited the distribution of violent video games to minors, ...
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