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  1. I know how good Double Ichimonji can be but I was always too lazy to learn the timing and it is too punishing if you mess up. I think Floating Passage is the best move by far because it costs 0, is fast, therefore builds pressure and even deals chip damage that when used often enough with its speed adds up considerably. And Dragon Flash even won me the final phase of the Betrayal Route easily. They are almost broken really.

    For the bell I cannot help you, sorry. I only used it for drops and all that.
  2. Awesome fight, I watched the whole thing! It highlights something I love about the game, which is the wide variety of ways you can approach a fight. My battle against him and yours look very different, and both of ours would look quite different from a third person. I'm glad to see that you used the Ceremonial Tanto, AFTER I beat him the thought came to me that since half of his moves one-shot me anyways, it probably would have been worth it to use that.

    Personally, when I'm fighting a boss with a sword I feel much more in control when I'm in their face the entire time. So that was my strategy with Owl Father too, though in the early attempts this led to me getting destroyed by his gunpowder. I also relied heavily on Double Ichimonji, which turned out to be my number-one used Combat Art BY FAR this playthrough (last time through I basically used Floating Passage and nothing else).

    It's gonna be awhile before I run through the Shura ending. I don't think I have it in me do it without Kuro's Charm (or whatever the one is that gives chip damage if you don't perfectly deflect). But I am considering ringing the Demon's Bell when I do play again. What is your opinion on that? Is it worth it, or is the difficulty that it adds more tedious than interesting?
  3. This attempt of the battle was far from flawless but I was just glad when I beat him.
  4. Yeah, I was talking about Owl Father. Good job on only needing one hour beating him.
  5. Wanted to update you on my Sekiro progress because my girlfriend doesn't care and I gotta tell someone.

    I know in my last visitor message I said I was planning on betraying Kuro but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I love the little guy. So I decided to go for the Return ending, but I also gathered up the items from the Purification ending so I could fight the optional bosses. I assume the boss you didn't want to spoil for me was Owl Father? If so then yeah I agree that he might be the hardest, he took me a good hour probably to beat. If I played him on my first playthrough it would have been much, much longer.

    Breezed through the game after that and beat Sword Saint on my 3rd try! Can't tell you how satisfying that is after he took me days to beat on my first playthrough.

    Eventually I gotta suck it up and do the Shura ending, but I need a break from the game for now. Could be another year before I pick it up again, who knows?

  6. Ah thanks for not spoiling it. That's super impressive that you platinumed it. My first playthrough I got the "default" good ending, and this time I'm just going for the "default" betray Kuro playthrough because I'm too lazy to go through all the stuff for the other ending(s).
  7. I platinumized the game so I eventually learned to beat them all with relative ease because the game otherwise just demolishes you but I would say the toughest time with the Secret Final Boss from the whole Past Pseudo Time Travelling sub arc. I cannot tell you who that was because I do not know if it is gonna be a spoiler for you.

    During my first playthrough basically all was hard for me. Even the first few enemies or Masataka ONIIIIWAAA!
  8. Yeah dude! I was stuck on it for days. I actually came closer to quitting the game from fighting Guardian Ape than Sword Saint. Funnily enough though, a bit later in the game when you have to take on another Guardian Ape PLUS a mini brown ape simultaneously, I was able to take them down first try. Who were your toughest bosses?
  9. Which is your "second hardest boss?" Guardian Ape?
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