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  1. Her parents are ok with you dating their daughter? I know parents from China can be rather traditional.
  2. Haha, no, I didn't have to. She is an 英文老师, so we speak in English. I don't think my Chinese would be good enough to convince a girl to live with me.
  3. Haha, so did you actually went and learn Chinese to impress her and hook her up?
  4. My spoken Chinese is actually pretty good, but reading it is a whole different story.

    By the way, 我已经有一个中国女朋友. We live together.
  5. 没关系,没关系。 红丸先生慢慢学。 学会後娶个中国老婆!
  6. 这是第一次一个人叫 "红丸" .......我好尷尬

    I know my grammar is probably wrong, but I try.
  7. 红丸先生不认识自己的名字呀? 您可要好好努力学习喔!要乖乖!

    I didn't realize 丸 was the character for pill
  9. No, it doesn't require it. But I've lived here for almost two years and I'm tired of being illiterate.

    I really like the phrase "加油!" "Add oil!". I want to bring this wonderful phrase to the English language.

    And I also don't understand why you're calling me 红丸 it a joke I don't understand?
  10. Your job over there requires you to learn Chinese? It's quite a different language!

    加油喔! 红丸先生。 圣诞爱爱!
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