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  1. lol all of my recent usernotes are people asking me why I deleted facebook. Ya just gotta accept that I have transcended social media and now use a version of FB reserved only for immortals. Maybe someday u will make it here too.

    And I forgive dream-you for being a dick to me lol. How are you doing these days though man?
  2. @commentbelow: Haha, I was in here to check that exact same thing.

    you were in a dream I had the other day, and I was a bit of an ass towards you in it. I felt bad when I woke up, and I just want you to know that I'm sorry.
  3. The good old days were quite...good. Back when hanging out on the internet wasn't considered normal and having internet friends was weird. Hope life is treating you well, my friend.
  4. old buddy old pal
  5. foolnuggetz

    how r u
  6. sup f00l
  7. Ah, such is life! come to Norway then!
  8. No, only a 360
  9. Those were the smurfING DAYS MAN! But yeah, those were the days. Need to pick up some epicness soon! You got a playstation btw? maybe we could coop something one day
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