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  1. Psst


    You know you want to vote for the villains
  2. Looks like the pokemon battle will have to wait a little longer than I expected. I've been logged on almost the entire weekend, and still no sign of Galuf. ;__;

  3. "Thanks buddy! I got it!
    It was hard to find though,
    what with that huge
    amount of posts."
  4. The battle code vs Matt is already posted, if you look carefully, you should be able to find it. ;D
  5. How'd I miss that? Huh. Weird.

  6. "Hah! Even if we do face off again,
    don't think things will turn out the
    same as last time! Also, my current
    score should actually be 13 now. I
    have defeated; Del, Gruntace/Galuf,
    Rez09, Shaibana, Sir Lancelot and
    Skyblade. That's six opponents I've
    crushed, meaning 12 points. And,
    well, then there's that last 1 point too..."
  7. That's if I ever face her again in the tourney

    So far she's doing much better than me. We might end up in different brackets.

  8. "Aaaaaargh! I can't stand Bern
    right now! Hey, if you face her
    again, please make sure you beat
    her even more badly than last
    time! I'm counting on you! Also,
    Yukari is a liar. I'm not just some
    katana-crazy redhead. She suck
    at explainations. Just so you know!"

  9. "Well, basically, me and Bern
    are beings far more powerful
    than the rest. Bernkastel is a
    twisted witch, Rider is actually
    Medusa, summoned by some
    mage and stuff. And Mio is one of
    those katana-crazy redheads.
    It's as simple as that, really."
  10. Ah, okay, so you're from Touhou, Rider's from fate/stay night, Bern is from Umineko, right? I'm sorry, I've never played any of those games The only one I know personally is Rydia
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