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  1. I almost feel bad lol But you're not wrong
  2. Haha, yeah heroes suck man! Their goodness is all pretend

    Being the honorary villain that you are, Vyk. Can you vote for us in the Rap battle over in Wonder Square? Give them a read, ours is far better!!-VOTE!
  3. Ha ha well two people politely asked and you were both villains, heroes don't loved me I guess lol
  4. Cheers man, you're a star!
  5. Haha, sorry! It was part of the Heroes v Villains event over in Wonder Square. We had to spread rumours about Final Famtasy characters xD

    Do you think you could nip to the thread and give a vote for us villains in the poll? The heroes always win! Only takes a sec. Vote Villains!
  6. Lolwut? I feel like this is probably a reference to something but I can't make the connection. Amusing though lol
  7. Aww man, it's awful. Have you heard about Laguna?

    A former sexual partner revealed that he enjoys being slapped in the nuts with a frozen fish just before he climaxes!
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