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  1. Where is Martyr?
  2. (SPOILER)Ketchup!!!!!!!!

    No, seriously, do you eat the delicious ribeye, or are you too conservative in your tasting habits so that you take deep dish *sir*loin instead.
  3. But trouble is afoot...
  4. They have tongues too, and they can taste your fear.

    (SPOILER)And we all know what rhymes with Fear...

  5. I have settled down and married a Senorita named Shilua. Life is going well.
  6. Especially when he gets Punk'd

    (SPOILER)I remember when Tupac was caught on camera crying for his mommy.

    Mad Respect.
  7. After some thought, i will leave this place & become a bull-fighter above minimum wage.

    (SPOILER) Happy Martin Luther King Jr. St. Patrick's Day!
  9. This bar has been a sucess in Mexico, although, i get the feeling i could do something better.
  10. For those about to rock (ROCK!), we salute you!

    (SPOILER)I headbang to classical if I have to.

    How long is your hair?
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