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  1. Picture this my good man; we have a beer at our disposable - I'm extremely plastered right now, but I would give you my last beer. I think thats UNCONDITIONAL LOVE RIGHT HERE. You know whats up
  2. rocket pill
  3. Well of course it's a great excuse to get hammered at college parties.

    In fact both you and I probably need none. RP4LYF!!
  4. stuff's good, stuff's good. exceedingly stressful these days though. I'm having a similar kinda thing with math in college, I love it, but taking two math classes and a physics class per semester is just ingredients for a migraine. Oh well, I'll hang in there. Rocket Pill 4 lyfe, dawg.
  5. Heya Kieth, my man. Nah to be honest, It just sort of wrecks my head drawing anymore. Doing it in college tainted my love for it big time. However I got annoyed with my self 'cos I wasn't doing anything, so I'm nearly finished a drawing of an Eagle, it's taking me ages. I'll have it posted up in the next week. How's all with you young brother?
  6. you still into artwork man? haven't seen much from you lately.
  7. Just checking in to see you are still causing harm, bro.
  8. I gotcha back.
  9. Adios, San Diego, amirite?
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