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Is there a chatroom?


Our chat room is located on this page or at irc://irc.calindora.com:6667 (room is #eoff ) if you have an IRC client, and you can find people there at most times (if nobody's talking, try to strike up a conversation!) Note that any discussion can go on in there as people are in there daily and obviously get tired of talking about FF after a while, so expect more discussion on random topics than FF topics when you're in there!

What are some chat commands?

When at #eoff, you may see that people can do special kinds of things, where their lines are prefixed by a * and are another color. These are called "Actions", and you can do them by typing "/me does so and so" without quotes. Remember that you need to type in the third person, or else it won't make much sense! Typing "/me kisses Roogle" if your name is SephirothROX will show up as " * SephirothROX kisses Roogle"

If you're tired of being known as "EoffChatter" or "SephirothROX", you can change your name (also called a nick or nickname) by typing "/nick somethingelse" without quotes, and where "somethingelse" is the new name you want.

"/nick SephirothroxlessthanKefka" will come up as " * SephirothROX is now known as SephirothroxlessthanKefka"

If you want to send a private message (on chat it's called a Query) to a user, you can double-click their name in the list of nicknames, or you can type "/query Theirnick" without quotes, and where "Theirnick" is the name of the person you want to talk to.

"/query rubah Hello rubah!" will bring up a window on rubah's chat that says "<SephirothroxlessthanKefka> Hello rubah!" Do not abuse this :p Some people don't like being bothered, so have a good reason to use this!

If you want to join another channel, type "/join #Channel" without quotes, where "#Channel" is the name of the place you want to go. You *have* to include the pound sign, #.
Other channels are not endorsed or run by Eyes on Final Fantasy.

" * SephirothroxlessthanKefka has joined #Party
<SephirothroxlessthanKefka> HAY GUYS!!
* SephirothroxlessthanKefka was kicked by Shauna (Go away)"

Something weird happened to me in the chat!

Sometimes, if you do not behave in chat, Ops (chat's version of Moderators and Cid's Knights. They have a @ in front of their name) will kick you out of the channel. Some members may have % in font of their names - they are also able to do this, however only if the circumstances call for it and there are no ops available to help out.

You can be banned from chat just like you can from the forums. " * Arche sets mode: +b SephirothroxlessthanKefka*!*@* " means that anyone using the nickname "SephirothroxlessthanKefka" is unable to join the channel or talk if they are already on it. These are usually followed by being kicked out of the channel. You will not be able to rejoin until you are unbanned.

The channel will sometimes be moderated (mode: +m) if people are typing too much. " * Lunatic sets mode: +m" Unless you have a voice or higher, you cannot talk in the channel. "#eoff You need voice (+v) (#eoff)" Some people try to get around this by changing their names, " * Mirage is now known as Voicemeplease " but this is very annoying and will probably either get you banned or the whole channel will be +N, where you cannot change your names anymore.

Please note that if you ever have any problems with the people in the chatroom, you should bring them to the attention of an op. If it is an op you have a problem with, you should discuss them with Loony BoB - he often goes by the following names: |, _, \, Daniel and, of course Loony_BoB. If you have a problem with him, just tell him and he'll talk it out with you.

Is there a place I can learn all about EoFF, its history, and who goes there?

Yes, EoFf has a Wiki which details all this and more. The wiki is a community effort, which you can read or edit (but please only edit it to be better and not dumb. Dumb edits are removed!). It has its own files on how to use it properly :)

Where is everyone on EoFF from?

Is there anything else fun to do at EoFF?

There are several flash games you can play here! We have Breakout, Invaders, Pacman, Snake, and Tetris!

In various Final Fantasy forums, there are games such as trivia matches, Who Wants to be a Millionaire knockoffs, naming games, and all sorts of stuff. For the love of Heaven, don't start any more!

Isn't there anything useful here? Like Final Fantasy information?

There is a little-known part of Eyes on Final Fantasy referred to as the "front site". This is found at eyesonff.com. You can find information on just about anything in a FF game there. If you can't find something, then tell our Site Staff about it in this forum

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