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    sadly he's moved on and hasn't had a battle in a while, went off and started focusing on making music. a bunch of the top tier guys from the UK have packed it in, Shotty Horroh probably the biggest name, and Lunar C who only had 6 battles but was a smurfing monstrosity in all of them, but he bailed out quick. but yeah I agree that grist took that one.
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    yeah uk scene punchlines are king pretty much, so most of the battles end up being funny as smurf. mind you if you've got legit bars you go over as well, but yeah a lot of UK goes go heavy on jokes and funny trout. there are a couple of guys who don't go in so much tho, Sensa and dialect are both pretty dark.
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    definitely hit up shuffle and marlo first thing tomorrow, they are smurfing genius i swear to god. but yeah no worries man I'm just stoked to have someone to discuss this trout with
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    The two penis on top of the bloke head!

    Don't think so!! Maybe one day I will!! One day when I finally start growing a penis on my head like your guy.
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    also yeah is fairly nostalgiac. been meaning to get into this conversation for a while actually as was pretty sure you'd be only one of two members here who would appreciate this trout
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    okay so: <-- Shuffle-T and Marlo. Widely considered to be the best 2v2 team in the world. smurfing brilliant. total antithesis of battle, couple of middle class faux posh boys, they are hilarious. literally every battle they are in is gold. all of them worth checking out, this one just a good introduction. <-- Cruger vs Conceited. Cruger is funny as smurf, one of the UK top guys. Has a lot of material in this that requires prior knowledge but still has some dope trout, conceited is awesome in this as well. <-- Blizzard vs Mark Grist. this is the most famous UK battle, a 17 year old kid vs an English teacher. been a while since I saw it but I remember it being pretty hilarious <-- Ogmios vs Oshea. the guy from that video I linked earlier vs an elder statesman. Oshea not at his best here but Ogmios is dope here.

    should be good for now, let us know what you think
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    first round i felt like his flow and bars were a bit basic and he was too reliant on similies but then god damn he spazzed hard in the second and third rounds, was dope. calling the dude out on john john da don trout was the best part. would like to see him in KOTD against some of the canadians, seems like he would fit in well there.

    lemme find a couple of links for the dopest battles in Don't Flop, gimme a minute
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    i watched a troutload of it man, Charlie Clips is a beast I like him, Loaded Lux has to be watched just because, Daylyt is my dude he's smurfing insane and hilarious. Dizaster I like a lot, Caustic is a beast, Conceited is a funny little smurfer, Hollow da Don is a beast as well, DNA can be a beast when he feels like it. The Saurus is a smurfing monster as well. Seen a bunch more as well, Arsonal, Tsu Surf, Math Hoffa, Calicoe, smurf I can't even remember half of them. Marvwon and Quest, Swave Sevah, oh trout Uno Lavoz is a smurfing hero he's hilarious. Philly Swain, Zimmerman...a troutload. Cortez. I just prefer watching them battle outside yankland 'cause the big leagues like URL and UW like I said they tend to go too much on gun bars and trout and I can't really relate to it much. never heard of Doms tho will give him a deek
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    here's a pretty recent one, on-beat battle as well:

    both guys kill it in this, see if you can understand anything dialect says.
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    there are also a bunch of rappers in don't flop who you won't be able to understand at all xD Oshea is a total hero, filthy scouse alcoholic and he's either sober enough to spit fire or drunk and a smurfing mess, but he's always hilarious. and dialect is a dude from leeds who I struggle to understand sometimes so probably impossible for you but he's dope as well
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