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    that makes no sence.

    [Luke, nicely dressed with keys in hand, walks around his truck and spots Lorelai approaching.]

    LORELAI: Luke.

    LUKE: Hey, I was just coming to meet you.

    LORELAI: I know. Yeah. [nervously smoothing hair] Could we uh, -- I need to --- I'm sorry, I need to reschedule our dinner.

    LUKE: Oh sure.

    LORELAI: Yeah, I'm just very tired.

    LUKE: Okay.

    LORELAI: So I'm sorry that I made you get all dressed up.

    LUKE: That's okay, it's good for me to do it every once in awhile. It reminds me why I'm not an accountant.

    LORELAI: [odd giggle] Okay.

    LUKE: [concerned] Everything okay?

    LORELAI: What?

    LUKE: Are you okay?

    LORELAI: Why?

    LUKE: Because you don't look okay.

    LORELAI: Well, geez, take me now, sailor.

    LUKE: I mean, you look distracted.

    LORELAI: Distracted, no. Well, maybe -- yeah. Distracted, okay, sure. I'm very distracted.

    LUKE: Anything I can do?

    LORELAI: You know, there are very few times in my life when I find myself sitting around thinking, "I wish I was married," but today, I mean -- I'm happy. You know? I like my life. I like my friends. I like my stuff. My time, my space, my TV.

    LUKE: Yeah, sure.

    LORELAI: But every now and then, just for a moment, I wish I had a partner, someone to pick up the slack. Someone to wait for the cable guy, make me coffee in the morning, meet the stupid sink before it gets sent back to Canada. [wanders to nearby bench and sits]

    LUKE: What happened? [joins her on bench]

    LORELAI: [ Voice breaking ] Um... [ Sniffles ] I just thought I had everything under control, but I didn't, and the inn is just falling apart. This has been my dream forever, and I have it, and it's here, and I'm failing. I can't handle it. I just spend every minute running around and working and thinking. [Luke puts his arm across the back of the bench and listens quietly.] And I thought I would have help, but Sookie has Davey, and Michel has Celine, and I'm -- I can't do it all by myself. [[Luke moves closer.] And I don't even have time to see my kid, and hell, forget see her, just even talk to her. And I miss her. And I sat there in my parents' house just listening to my grandmother basically call me a charity case, and I couldn't even argue with her. I couldn't even say anything, because I am. I'm running out of money, and I don't know what to do about it, and I was gonna, I was gonna ask you for $30,000 at dinner tonight. That's how pathetic I am.

    LUKE: Thirty thousand dollars. Well, okay, I mean if you --

    LORELAI: I don't want to talk about it now. I don't want to think about it. [hiding face, she leans against his chest] I'm failing. [ Sobs ] I'm failing.

    [Luke hugs her close, strokes her hair, and gently rubs her arm.]

    LUKE: You are not failing.

    LORELAI: [muffled] I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do.

    LUKE: [gently] It's okay.
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    Not nice. Teh ebil peoples mulitply more than the Paine lovers do!
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    you suck
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    Changed the name? Nice
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    I'm in pain right now. If that doubled, I would be sad.
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  7. Hey there!

    There are some kind of Paine Fan Virus around...

    By the way Ethernal, nice signature!
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  9. so many of them, they're just multiplying!
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    ooh, another Paine lover! hi!
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