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    Well, you got your : now!

    One of the rare souls around here that got a smiley relevant to your username.

    How did it happen anyway?
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    Now you've disappoint the folks, they will cry in their sleep without a night of proper rest.

    Didn't you make one the last time?
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    Or smiley in that smiley competition thread that I made! I want more smiley!
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    You gotto start posting!

    Like posting stuffs that involves kitties!
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    No, big difference now!!

    You barely post!
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    He is so much a better person as Dellas18. I think the next person I should check up is the old you!
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    That chap was such a drama queen. I always come back and read his threads. God, this is a thread without all those sexy ladies crap and third person. He was ONCE normal!
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    You're the Morpheus to their Neo. Don't let the Agents bring you down!
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    I'm still sat at bloody work for another hour-and-a-half. Not impressed. Finished at 7pm our time though and the match doesn't start till 8pm. So the England game will start about 3am your time then? That's pretty brutal! Where you gonna watch it?

    I'm heading to Sophie's house when I finish. A few beers in her cinema room will go down a treat!
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    That thread is closed. I revived it back in those days.

    Seriously no drama at all. That Resha.

    BTW, do you remember a certain interesting individual by the name of Devil Man?
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Quin's Exercise Diary Week 01

by You've got to be in it to Quin it on 10-14-2014 at 05:21 PM
So, this year I've lost 15kg (90kg to 75kg) which is nice, but I haven't been focusing on the exercises recently, so I've become weak as a kitten but still gone up to a chubby 80kg.

I'm starting this as a motivation exercise, and will update each post daily whilst adding a new one weekly.

Today's Achievements:

Knee raises - 6x6 - poor form and tiring
Half push ups - 6x6 - perfect form but tiring
Squats - 6x6 - perfect form and pretty

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They took the phone. O_O

by You've got to be in it to Quin it on 07-29-2014 at 11:13 AM
So, as I exited the taxi, I performed my usual check. Nope, nothing has been left behind. Good. I bend over to retrieve my backpack from the back seat and leave. The taxi drives away.

Seconds later, I realise my phone is not in my pocket. "Piss," think I, with some embarrassment at my own ineptitude. I don't mind too much, but I did like the number.

This morning, a friend of mine calls the phone. Turns out some people have found it and picked it up! That's

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Personal Life

Cid's Knight Competition Round Four

by You've got to be in it to Quin it on 09-05-2012 at 12:15 AM
I am quite drunk. Excuse my inevitable typos.

1) Loony BoB has told Psychotic to "shut the smurf up". We don't allow swearing! We also don't allow people to order other people around in such a manner. Loony BoB has been a bad boy. He needs to be punished. What do you do?
Snip the post, then bitch about how CKs can't ban Admins even when the they're blatantly breaking the rules. If I could ban him, I'd give him a short term ban to see if he cools off. Repeat

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