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Thread: Welcome to Eyes on Final Fantasy!

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    Dancing Chocobo Welcome to Eyes on Final Fantasy!


    We're glad you decided to join us! We are one of the largest and longest running Final Fantasy and Square Enix communities around, and we're proud to say that we have grown into an active hub for information, news, discussion, and events for fans to participate in. Even Square Enix thinks we're pretty awesome. But what most people say truly sets us apart is our forum community, and we invite anyone to jump in and find out why people say so. First we'll take a quick look around to get you started:

    The Forum:

    You're here right now! We have a wide variety of subforums dedicated to Final Fantasy and Square Enix games, and we also have subforums specifically for art, writing, gaming, media, and even just friendly chit-chat with other members. You can find a short description of each subforum next to its link on the forum index. Feel free to browse at your leisure, then find a discussion that interests you and jump right in!

    The Rules:

    These are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Here's a summary:
    • Don't double post in the same thread - edit your earlier post instead! "Bumping" is okay in certain circumstances, if the thread warrants it.
    • Don't revive old threads - the definition of "old" here varies by subforum, but in general if the thread isn't on the first two or three pages of the index you should probably start a new one.
    • Don't join just to advertise.
    • No pornography.
    • Don't troll or harass other members - we all love gently teasing our good friends, but there is a line that you shouldn't cross. When in doubt, just don't do it!
    • Atmosphere - For the most part, if you wouldn't find it in an episode of Scrubs or The Simpsons, it probably shouldn't be at the forum. Swearing is okay in moderation, but certain words are auto-censored by the forum... don't edit your post just to get around the censor!

    You can find a more complete list of rules in our FAQ. If you have any questions or concerns, just talk to one of our friendly staff members. Which brings us to...

    The Staff:

    Some of our members have special titles under their names. What do those mean? Let's take a look.

    Editors are in charge of bringing us news and content and keeping up with Square Enix.
    Developers are in charge of the technical aspects of the site and making sure things don't break.
    Cid's Knights are our moderators - they're in charge of making sure the forum rules are enforced and also making sure we aren't overrun with spambots.
    Administrators blend all of the above roles together and in general run the show.

    Click here to view a complete list of the current EoFF staff. If you have problems, they are your go-to people - editors if you made a thread or post that you'd like to have promoted to the front site (yes, you can do that!) , developers with technical issues, Cid's Knights with member issues or concerns, and administrators for pretty much everything. We're here to help!

    Moogle Hugs:

    Like a post that someone made and want to appreciate it? We have a perfect way to do that: Moogle Hugs. You can find the Moogle Hug button at the bottom of every post and clicking it allows you to leave that poster a nice little message. It's sort of the forum equivalent of "liking" or "upvoting" something. Moogle Hugs are just for fun and carries no special perks with it, other than displaying little graphics in the top right hand of a post (in certain themes) and adding little green boxes with fun mouseover text to your profile. No, you cannot leave negative Moogle Hugs here - why would you even want to do that?

    Want more Moogle Hugs? Make quality informative or funny posts! Begging for Hugs or using the Moogle Hug system outside of its intended purpose is not allowed.


    We strive to make EoFF a fun place to hang out at. We want this to be your home on the internet - a place to go when you want to have some fun. As such, we frequently run forum-wide events, games, and contests. One of our big ones is the Ciddies, a fun awards show that we hold every six months to honor our best members. Stick around for a bit and do some posting and you may find yourself winning your very own Ciddie! We also hold a variety of different contests, often in conjunction with a new game being released - sometimes, the game itself is the prize. Recently we even had a contest to give away special 25th Anniversary posters, given to us specifically by Square Enix!

    Find Us Everywhere:

    Just can't get enough EoFF? Neither can we! We are on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and have an active DeviantArt community. If you'd like to chat with us in real time, we also have an IRC chatroom - drop in and say hello!

    Alright, that should do for our little tour. Why don't you go ahead and make a thread here in General Chat and introduce yourself, if you haven't already - we love newbies! Still have questions? Check out the FAQ, make a thread in the Private Feedback Forum or contact one of our friendly staff members. We hope you have fun and enjoy the time you spend at EoFF. Happy posting!

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    Dancing Chocobo Beginner's Guide to EoFF

    A Beginners' Guide to Eyes on Final Fantasy

    So, you've read the FAQ and you've spent some time posting, and you're really starting to get into the groove of this place. But joining a new forum is a tricky place, especially if you're not familiar with the layout. This guide will serve to cover some of the functions you can expect to use.

    1. Username
    You already know this, I'm sure. This is who you're talking to, of course! But, you can also click their name to access a drop-down menu which will direct you to everything they've ever done.

    2. Limit Break Gauge
    This is a bar showing how much reputation this post has received. It tops out at 5, after which you hit Limit Break! Each Limit Break you have adds one unit of measurement to your e-cred, depending on local systems. This is typically why Americans have much more e-cred than the mainland European members, as they use the imperial system.

    3. Moogle Hug
    Click this button if you find a post particularly funny or interesting or well-put. Good posts get Moogle Hugs! When giving out Hugs, you can also add a little comment to explain what you like about the post so that the member who made it can feel extra special. Note, however, that using these comments to act unkindly to other members is considered flaming, and should be avoided. Be excellent to one another.

    4. Warning
    This is basically the opposite of reputation. If you find that a post breaks the rules (see The Rules), or if you find it to be of particularly poor taste or attitude, then you should warn it. The staff greatly appreciate the assistance of fellow members in ensuring the forums keep a decent tone, and we'd much rather you overused it than underused it! We really don't mind an itchy trigger finger.

    5. Edit Post
    Use this is you have anything extra to say, or if you want to reply to another comment that you missed before. We much prefer this to double-posting, as all the staff are utterly terrified of mess.

    6. Reply
    This button is for lazy people who can't be bothered scrolling down to the Quick Reply box, and for forgetful people who can't remember what they're replying to in the time it takes them to scroll down to the Quick Reply box.

    7. Reply with Quote
    If you want to talk about something specific another member has addressed, use this button to have their post quoted in your reply. It'll look like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Quin
    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB
    I really like giraffes.
    Yes, me too.
    8. Multi-quote
    If multiple members have made posts that you want to address, this button allows you to easily quote multiple posts simultaneously. Just click the button to highlight the posts you want to quote, and use the Reply with Quote button of the final post you want to quote to complete the function.

    And there you have it! These are the major functions of this forum, and the ones you'll most likely use often, so it's best if you familiarise yourself with them and get posting!

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to send a private message through Mognet to one of the Forum Staff here or, alternatively, post it in the Private Feedback Forum.

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