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Thread: Sell Me on These Awful Games

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    So Lightning Returns is boughted. Now just to wait for it to actually get here.

    I've purchased one DLC - the FF Legends Pack that comes with the Cloud, Aerith and X-2 Yuna outfits. I mean, I liked all those characters so why not. Are any of the other DLC outfits worth it, like the Samurai ones or Ultimate Savior or whatever else?

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    I'll tell you why not: You're giving SE reasons to keep making more and more DLC for bad games.
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    Purchasing DLC is always up to the player - especially in cases such as this, where you're simply getting outfits/equipment for Lightning to equip. It's up to you whether you want the garbs or not, but I'd argue that most of them really aren't all that better than garbs in-game. They're cool to equip for cosmetic purposes, but the samurai and Ultimate Savior ones are kinda meh.

    Speaking of which, I have an old code for the Art of War DLC garb from purchasing the LR guide awhile back. I've never used it, since I don't have the game on X360 and my PS3 version is the Japanese one anyways. If you'd like it, shoot me a PM majigger and I'll give you the code.

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