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Thread: The final American Idol finale

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    Default The final American Idol finale

    Tonight marks the final two-part American Idol finale, when a winner will be crowned for the final time. To quote Kelly Clarkson's coronation song, "some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this," and this moment will mark the end of an era.
    Is that your final answer?

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    Honestly I didn't even know this final season began, though I did know it was the final season.

    I haven't watched with regularity since maybe Season 3. It stopped being relevant after Paula left.

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    What comes next for you, SuperMillionaire?

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    Or rather, what comes next for Ryan Seacrest, because as of today, he's out (of one of his jobs) permanently. Although he still has his radio and E! news jobs.

    Anyway, the final winner's name is Trent Harmon, who beat LaPorsha Renae for the title.

    And apparently, although it may be ending for now, it might not be ending permanently. It might come back again a few years from now in a revamped edition, though I would prefer that they bring back The X Factor, because that show does groups in addition to solo singers, as opposed to both American Idol and The Voice, which only do solo singers. 2022 would mark the 20th anniversary of the original launch of American Idol, since it premiered in 2002, so perhaps we'll see it again in 2022?
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    Is that your final answer?

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    LaPorsha Renae is a name and a half. Kind of upset someone called Trent would win.
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