1) The artwork posted must be of your own work, unless clearly stated within the thread with relevant sources cited. Posting someone else’s work and claiming it as your own will not be tolerated; your thread will be removed and a warning issued.

2) To make it easier for people to browse, please use the prefixes provided when creating a thread - eg use [Graphic Design] for your Graphic Design work.

3) Graphic Content - We understand that some nudity is okay, but only if it's tasteful. Think of the art you see in a museum - it's not a showcase of the human body, it's a showcase of art. Again, if we deem it overblown, it's gone. If you cross the line too far, you could be instabanned, too, so check it out with a Staff member if you're unsure.

4) General posting rules are more lax in the creative sub-fora, double posting is acceptable if you have a new piece of work to add to your thread.

If you have any questions, or need any rules clarified, feel free to reach out to staff via PM or make a thread in Private Feedback. Thanks!