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Thread: I've been gone from a Long Time...

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    Default I've been gone from a Long Time...

    You might not recognize me. But I'm TheKeybasHKey, I stopped visiting the Site on Early November of 2016. I really stopped caring for Final Fantasy and I only cared for World. Well it's been a long time, like it's been rough for me last year. Well I don't want to go on detail here, but I can't say I'm changed person or anything but I just lost interest on the place. Hey guys remember my drawings and lifestream threads? Sigh I'm not fully sure I be very active like before. But it's good to be back...
    The One and Only KeybasH.

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    Glad you are back ! Love your Kairi icon !

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    Welcome back! Glad to have you about.

    I'd recommend reviewing the rules of EoFF, and also having a quick look at our last Private Message exchange - just to make sure we're all on the same page.

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