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  1. Jecht, Auron, and Braska
  2. Questions To Get Your FFX Minds Thinking
  3. Jecht spheres and dark aeons (international PAL version)
  4. Final Fantasy X-3?
  5. Question on FFX-2 international
  6. Moonflow
  7. No Encounter gear
  8. Jecht Shot 2
  9. Digital/Component Vs. the stock cables
  10. The Classic FFX-2 Word Game
  11. The Biggest Flaw of X-2 (SPOILERS)
  12. Saikyou Shinra Kun and Major Numerus
  13. Why do so many people hate Tidus????
  14. X and X-2 Tournament/Rumble
  15. Nia Cyyg zned u ser ty!
  16. 100% completion x-2
  17. YRPTAWLK Tournament Finals
  18. Auron... overrated?
  19. FF X Demo Disk
  21. Does anyone have action replay codes for FF X International?
  22. What did you think of Final Fantasy X?
  23. Graphamatical!
  24. Hymn on Gagazet
  25. Where Have I Seen These Guys Before?
  26. Final Fantasy X Font
  27. shuyin and tidus (spoilers)
  28. Oh. My. God.
  29. Rammerstein?! Really?!
  30. The Return of The Spoony One (This is for you Wolf. ;) )
  31. Tidus' Opinion of Jecht
  32. Kimahri's Sphere Grid
  33. FFX Monster Recycling
  34. Why is Keepa fat?
  35. Lulu and the 'Bump'
  36. I hate you...lemme play
  37. Sphere Grid perfection
  38. Please do not get the wrong idea D:
  39. sphere grid est big.
  40. Character you wish you could play as in Blitzball.
  41. I do not like Yuna
  42. Custom weapon/armor stuff
  43. Were you happy with the ending of FFX?
  44. X or X-2?
  45. Does it bother any of you who bought X-2...
  46. Rikku
  47. Seymour
  48. its easy
  49. Hardest Bosses
  50. Seymour Guado Discussion
  51. Hot Springs Scene
  52. musicians
  53. Do Guados have hair?
  54. Eternal Calm
  55. The Spoony Experiment: FFX Review
  56. Just give it a TRY damn it!
  57. Confused and Annoyed
  58. A question about the very beginning of this game
  59. Why Do SOO many peope think ti s cool to hate FFX???
  60. Help with Penance!
  61. Who else thinks Seymour is underrated as a villian??
  62. Favorite Dressphere for Each Lady?
  63. Progressive Scan?
  64. How Can I Obtain The Dark Knight Dressphere in Chapter 5?
  65. who else thinks ffx-2 is REALLY GOOD?
  66. Want to learn Al Bhed
  67. Tidus and Auron
  68. O'AKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Wakka rules, ya?
  70. Did Anyone Actually Use the Special Dresspheres?
  71. Favorite & Least Favorite Voice?
  72. The Cactuar Nation!!
  73. AP help?
  74. need help finding a recurring song in final fantasy x
  75. Stat maxing
  76. Breaking aeon's damage limit
  77. Remember your first time?
  78. Sphere break
  79. ffx best way to upgrade each aeon?
  80. FFX omega ruins qustions/airship questions/my many questions thread
  81. This is unfair
  82. Replaying FFX
  83. About Anima
  84. Mushroom Rock
  85. Can't score even a single goal in blitzball, need dire help
  86. are these weapon ablilitys good for the ultiamate AP Weapons?
  87. FF X-2 my questions thread :O
  88. Training to beat Penance
  89. How much does FF10 record of your Blitzball games?
  90. Last Names!
  91. FFX2 what's your favorite text or video walkthroughs?
  92. Final Fantasy X riddles
  93. Favorite NPC!
  94. YouTube FFX Video Walkthrough [mild spoilers]
  95. Playing around with the FFX-2 debug menu!
  96. Yu Yevon
  97. Lady Luck
  98. Am I the only who finds this ending funny?
  99. Why did Yuna have an "Americanese" accent?
  100. Decade-Old Game Finds New Life as Source for Dreamy Album Art
  101. Revisiting FFX
  102. Yuna derp?
  103. Slice VS Blitz
  104. The Perfect Sphere Grid
  105. My first playthough and confused about Sin.... SPOILER INSDE
  106. FFX-2: CommSphere Problems
  107. Yuna, Rikku, and Paine: valley girls?
  108. Final Fantasy X-2 Question
  109. Overshadowed
  110. Best Blitzball Team?
  111. Now where was I...
  112. does rikku's luck ability help obtain rare items after the battle?
  113. skill spheres
  114. Can't get passed the beginning
  115. Tidus' Spheregrid Sucks
  116. Ten things you didn't know about Final Fantasy X
  117. Mr.Bluemage Only playthrough help (Chocobo eater)
  118. I'm doing this antidub video
  119. wtf mang
  120. Why did they blow up Home?
  121. X-2 Suffers the Wrath of the Spoony One
  122. X-2 I can't take this anymore~!
  123. Do These Missions in FFX-2 Carry over to Chapter 6?
  124. Yunalesca boss help
  125. Final Fantasy X-2 International English Patch!
  126. ATTENTION Final Fantasy X HD CONFIRMED for PS3 and PS Vita
  127. New Penance Challenge!!
  128. Kimahri's Sphere Grid
  129. 5th playthrough
  130. Dark Aeons
  131. Defeating Penance before Sin
  132. How do you think the laughing scene will be in the HD version?
  133. Am I the only one not really excited about an enhanced FFX?
  134. Best way to gain AP before final battle with Jecht
  135. FFX walkthrough - details you notice on the way...
  136. Why So Japanese?
  137. Best boss theme in the game?
  138. The deal with X-2...
  139. FFX and French Politics
  140. Final fantasy 10 the last final fantasy?
  141. Rank the FF10 Characters!
  142. Gippal and Rikku (Rippal)
  143. The "strategy" in FFX
  144. Sphere Grid Development
  145. who is your favorite character in FFX?
  146. Dream Zanarkand
  147. Rikku the boss
  148. Blitzball sign of victory
  149. Tidus the pervert
  150. oddities
  151. Things to do during FFX cutscenes
  152. Elapsed Time of the Story
  153. Dark Aeon Battle Guide
  154. Don't Quit Your Day Job!
  155. Blitzball!
  156. I hate this game, why does anyone play it?
  157. Ending series of events (so, spoilers)
  158. Wakka's Hollywood Tan
  159. Your Favorite Dressphere Outfit!
  160. Al bhed Language
  161. Eyeson Plays Final Fantasy X
  162. i haven't played this since 2006
  163. After the Blitzball Game
  164. ITT: ReloadPsi bashes another black mage
  165. Was X-2 too easy?
  166. Auron's journey too dz
  167. Al Bhed on the Net
  168. Seymour x Yuna
  169. Rikku in X
  170. The Pilgrimage
  171. Square should've added a manual camera control to the right analogue stick
  172. Did this bother anyone else?
  173. I Wish It Was The Dona Party
  174. Guess Who!
  175. Yuna be crazy
  176. FFX HD: Is it coming?
  177. FFX Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  178. Rantz is Yu Yevon?
  179. A mystery unsolved for years.
  180. Ending of FFX and FFX-2
  181. Best environment?
  182. Why doesn't Tidus wear Aurochs clothes during the Luca tournament?
  183. Tidus' awkward laugh
  184. Question about when Rikku rejoins at the Moonflow
  185. Which do you like better? X or X-2? Why?
  186. Who Broke the Cycle, and was Tidus Necessary?
  187. To Zanarkand or Suteki Da Ne?
  188. So I'm playing through the game...
  189. FFX in the national paper
  190. Best Dressphere Design
  191. Final Fantasy X-2 best dress sphere for each character and grid
  193. Auron's fault?
  194. Is Tidus white?
  195. Favourite Hymn of the Fayth
  196. Favorite X-2 Tracks?
  197. Chocobo Racing To Get That Whiney Kids Weapon Charged
  198. FFX HD remake will be here "soon"
  199. FFX Parody song inspired by TeesBees
  200. What Worked In This Game - X-2 Edition
  201. Most Memorable Moments
  202. Whats your favorite song from FFX?
  203. Best Sphere Grid for Kimahri
  204. If you could visit one Chamber of the Fayth...
  205. Penance strats
  206. FFX HD: Will you buy it?
  207. First screens of Final Fantasy X HD on the Vita revealed
  208. Did Sin's Toxin Get to This Kid?
  209. In Defense of X-2
  210. If Final Fantasy X were Multi-Disc...
  211. Double AP
  212. Years Later
  213. Let's Talk About The Voice-Acting
  214. The Sigil and Crest drama
  215. No Bad Guy, but Bad Situation?
  216. OMG seriously!?!?!?!?!?
  217. X + X-2 HD bundled for PS3
  218. HD Collection: Which trophies do you want?
  219. This might be a weird question, but...
  220. Final Fantasy X and X-2 Bundle - Confirmed
  221. Should I replay FFX or wait for the remake?
  222. Let's Play Final Fantasy X
  223. FFX|X-2 HD: Which will you play first?
  224. If there was DLC for X/X-2 HD...
  225. Final Fantasy X is Objectively the Best Final Fantasy
  226. Wakka is the best character, discuss
  228. The Via Infinito and Stat Maxing
  229. My Final Fantasy X playthrough :D
  230. Final Fantasy X is Objectively not the Best Final Fantasy
  231. Does To Zanarkand make you feel like crying?
  232. Calm Lands Monster 'Arena'
  233. To Zanarkand is objectively the best track in all FF
  234. Key Spheres from Defender Z?
  235. What if this game had've been on PS1?
  236. New Screenshots for Final Fantasy X-2
  237. Psyched for the Remaster, Rundown of International additions!
  238. If you took FFX and FFX-2....
  239. Final Fantasy VII --> Final Fantasy X
  240. Did you like the new characters?
  241. Making Kimahri useful, the thread
  242. Anybody buying the remaster just for X?
  243. Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster E3 Trailer #E32013
  244. Which Tidus do you like better?
  245. Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remastered Interview with Kitase and Toriyama #E32013
  246. Anyone elses parents not let them play this game because of Sin?
  247. Does Tidus look like Chappu?
  248. Your Overall Impression of Tidus
  249. The Sphere Grid is Backwards
  250. If Tidus was real, this is what he would look like